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Sacramento County, CA November 5, 2002 Election
Measure R
Residential Building Permit Limits
City of Galt

City Ordinance

2,045 / 44.6% Yes votes ...... 2,536 / 55.4% No votes

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Results as of Nov 25 1:17pm, 100.0% of Precincts Reporting (10/10)
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Should an ordinance be added to the Galt Municipal Code placing a limit on the number of residential building permits the City may issue for new dwellings annually within the City of Galt?

Impartial Analysis from the Galt City Attorney
Existing law places no restrictions on the number of residential building permits the City may issue. Measure R would, by adding a new chapter to the Galt Municipal Code, place an annual limit on residential building permits the City may issue for new dwellings. Measure R makes certain findings and sets certain policies concerning future growth and development within the City. The policies include: i) preserving prime agricultural land by discouraging residential growth in rural or unincorporated areas and encouraging residential growth within urban areas and ii) minimizing degradation of natural resources.

To manage growth,Measure R, for the year beginning July 1, 2003, would limit the number of new residential building permits that may be issued to 5% of the Base Year Dwelling Units. Measure R defines "Base Year Dwelling Units" as the total number of dwelling units within the City as of January 1, 2001, and sets that number at 6,166.

Annually thereafter, changes in the amount of City "revenue" could change the percentage used to determine the maximum number of residential building permits issued by the City. Measure R defines "revenue" as revenue in the City's General Fund, excluding revenue that is legally restricted to certain particular uses, such as grants and deposits received by the City for special projects. lf City revenue (adjusted for inflation) increases above certain threshold amounts specified in Measure R, the maximum number of residential building permits issued by the City annually would be reduced. lf City revenue decreases, the maximum number of residential building permits issued by the City would increase. In no event would the percentage used to determine the maximum number of residential building permits be reduced or increased by more than one percent a year. Furthermore, the percentage would always be between 2% and 5%, inclusive.

Measure R specifies the process to be used by the City Council to allocate residential building permits. Measure R generally provides that no single project could receive more than 25% of the residential building permits available in any single year, unless there are fewer applications for permits than there are permits available. Permits not allocated in one year would not carry over to the next year.

Measure R does not place limitations on non-residential building permits, nor does it limit the number of residential building permits that could be issued for any of the following: i) multifamily dwellings, defined as any residential structure divided into three ormore legally created independent living quarters; ii) dwellings built on-site to replace dwellings in existence as of the effective date ofMeasure R; iii) projects consisting of four or fewer dwellings; or iv) rehabilitation, repair, or remodeling of existing dwellings.

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Arguments For Measure R Arguments Against Measure R
During the 1990's Galt was one of the fastest growing cities in California. As a result, our schools and infrastructure are overwhelmed. It will take years to rebound from the impact of runaway development. Galt cannot withstand another period of back-to-back years of double-digit residential growth. Growth management is not a matter of short-term wants and needs, it's about the future of our community. Measure R is a moderate approach to growth management that simply ensures that Galt will grow at a steady even pace, high enough to attract retail and industrial enterprises, while making sure that uncontrolled growth will never again outstrip schools, overwhelm roadways and city infrastructure, devalue home equity, increase crime or destroy our quality of life.

Measure R allows a maximum rate of residential growth of 5%, considered moderate to high in other cities. City services and budgets are protected by the measure's long-term revenue/growth rate provision. Measure R satisfies state requirements for fair share housing requirements and distributes permits equitably between builders, allowing homebuyers a variety of housing styles and price ranges to choose from.

Galt needs this measure because residential development fees do not adequately finance infrastructure costs, school construction/repair, or emergency services. Only retail, commercial or industrial development will raise city revenues, without creating additional demands on limited resources.

The voters of Modesto, Lodi, Davis, Dixon, Tracy and many others cities have enacted residential growth control measures. The City of Lodi has had a 2% residential growth rate for the last 11 years. Hundreds of other cities across the country have growth management ordinances and their economies continue to boom, their cities remain financially prosperous and their citizens enjoy a sense of community and pride.

Please vote yes on Measure R.

For more information on Measure R, visit http://www.galtgrowth.com

/s Timothy Raboy, Vice-Mayor, City of Galt

/s Alexandra M. Toledo, Telecommunications Account Executive

/s Arlyne E. Bassett, Volunteer, Citizens Assisting Police Services (CAPS)/Member,

/s Galt Committee on Aging

/s Clare R. Lanzone, Consultant-Technical Writing & Editing Services

/s Robert C. Kraude, Mayor, City of Galt

Measure R is bad for the City of Galt.

We all want planned and controlled growth for Galt, but Measure R takes our control away.

Other cities havemanaged to find less radicalways to control growth that still allow them to make modifications when needed. They are able to strike a balance of jobs, housing and services to maintain a thriving community.

Measure R sets a fixed percentage rate for growth, based solely on the City of Galt's general fund. Mr. Raboy claims it is fiscally sound for the city, but he can't produce proof that potential impacts have even been analyzed. Many citizens, including elected officials, have asked for studies on the impacts to the school and fire districts and the unknown consequences to the City ofGalt. Mr. Raboy has brushed them off as being unnecessary. He wants you to take his word for it.

Who pays the price if he is wrong? We all will!

Measure R will force future growth into the county areas surrounding Galt where we have no control. We will still get all of the negative impacts but none of the tax revenue to plan the solutions.

Do you trust the County Board of Supervisors to plan what is best for Galt?

Measure R is not a "Citizens Initiative." The City Attorney wrote it for the City Council, based entirely on the ideas and beliefs of Tim Raboy. It was paid for with your tax dollars, even if you oppose it. As an initiative, if passed, it can only be changed or undone by the same costly process.

Galt voters should determine the rate of future growth, not some arbitrary formula. It has worked for over 50 years.

Vote No and keep local control

/s Dan Pillsbury, Councilmember, City of Galt

/s Erv Hatzenbuhler, Galt Elementary School Board Member

/s Dale Templeton, Galt Fire Board Member

/s Orvell Fletcher, Former Galt City Council Member

/s Herman LaVine, Concerned Senior Citizen

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