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Orange County, CA November 5, 2002 Election
Measure L
RV Parking
City of Fountain Valley

9,590 / 65.0% Yes votes ...... 5,153 / 35.0% No votes

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Results as of Nov 12 4:00pm, 100.0% of Precincts Reporting (45/45)
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Shall the City of Fountain Valley prohibit the parking of recreational vehicles with a length in excess of twenty-two (22) feet, a width of eighty-four (84) inches or a weight in excess of 10,000 pounds on residential streets, with loading or unloading, visitor and medical necessity exceptions?

Impartial Analysis from City Attorney
The proposed measure would prohibit the parking of certain recreational vehicles on residential streets but would provide for exceptions.

The recreational vehicles that would be banned from parking on residential streets would be those that are in excess of 22 feet in length, those that are in excess of 84 inches in width (excluding mirrors) or those that are in excess of 10,000 lbs. in weight.

An exception to the ban will be made if a permit is obtained from the police department for loading or unloading, for out of town visitors or for medical reasons. A permit for up to eight periods of 36 hours each can be obtained per month to load or unload a recreational vehicle. A permit is also available to allow out of town visitors to park in front of a host residence for three 24 hour periods per month. Finally, a permit may be available for permanent parking because of a medical necessity.

The ordinance provides that the penalty provisions will not be effective for 180 days after the ordinance is adopted.

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Arguments For Measure L Arguments Against Measure L
It's time for a change.

It's time to bring our codes and regulations up to par with nearly every other city in Orange County regarding the issue of permanent street storage of Motorhomes.

All we are asking is to finally adopt the same Standard Health & Safety Code provisions relating to RV's that nearly all other neighboring communities use, including a 36-hr. limit for loading and unloading of RV's to help promote street safety and beautiful neighborhoods.

Many residents have expressed concern that these RVs create a significant safety hazard to residents impairing vision not only at intersections but also for residents backing out from a driveway.

Properly stored RVs contribute to the public safety for both Seniors and children. Vision is enhanced for both pedestrians and motorists.

Even the RV organization, the "Good Sam Club" has gone on record at our own Council Chambers stating, "they do not endorse street storage of RVs."

Don't be fooled by scare tactics of RV owners.

All five Council members have stated this law would apply to RV storage on the city streets only, and not in any way now or in the future affect recreational storage on private property. Remember, as the law stands now if you don't have an RV across the street from you or next door, you could tomorrow.

Street Storage Proponents:

Claim they have the inalienable right to store RVs anywhere they like including the common areas we all share regardless of RV size.

Claim that RVs parked around the neighborhood provide an atmosphere of affluence. How does the "Trailer Park Look" give anyone the impression of affluence?

Should Fountain Valley be a "A Nice Place to Live" or a "Nice Place to Store your Motorhome?"

Rebuttal to Arguments For
Fountain Valley residents don't be fooled: Measure L is not a storage issue. The definition oŁ storage is to place or leave in a location for preservation or safekeeping or disposal. Measure L is an attempt to take away Parking Rights belonging to every Fountain Valley citizen.

Recreational Vehicle Parking is not now, nor has it ever been, a safety issue as the opposition has led you to believe. The Fountain Valley Police Department has stated on many occasions that Recreational Vehicles have never caused nor been involved in, an accident in Fountain Valley.

The argument that only RV's impair vision is inconsistent; vehicles in today's society are larger than they were many years ago. The annual production of SUV's is increasing, as is the size of the vehicles. To give this argument validity all large vehicles should have been sited as part of this Measure,

Our County Seat, the largest city in Orange County, has no restrictions on RV parking. There is a California ordinance focusing on all vehicles parked on city streets, restricting parking to 72hrs. for all vehicles without discriminating on individual parking rights. Enacting another ordinance would be redundant. This Measure is an open-ended invitation for future restrictions by our city officials on our personal liberties. We maintain that parking regulations should be equal for all residents; a discriminatory approach to freedom is not what our country was founded on.

For more information on Measure L visit: http://home.socal,rr.com/measurel/

We agree that vehicles should not be stored, left abandoned, or forgotten about on our city streets. This ordinance was designed to stop a handful of individuals who believe the laws of this city do not apply to them. But what this ordinance actually does is prevent a vast group of families living in residential neighborhoods from enjoying their recreational lifestyle.

Many of the Recreational Vehicle owners affected by this proposed ordinance are senior citizens who have worked and saved their entire lives to finally enjoy recreational activities, activities that help them stay involved in the community and the lives of their growing families. The other Recreational Vehicle owners are young families who enjoy frequent mini-vacations, transporting large groups to sporting activities, or as a beach and park vehicle.

The city was unable to differentiate between the responsible owners and the problem owners, so this ordinance was designed to eliminate all of the RV's taking recreational joy away from responsible owners. Does that seem fair?

Recreational Vehicle parking on the streets of Fountain Valley is not a problem. If you look down your street you will agree that this is not an issue in Fountain Valley!

Did we move here to have regulations that restrict what we can and cannot keep at home?

Think long and hard at what your vote might change for yourself, for this generation of Fountain Valley residents and for future generations.

A NO vote will keep Fountain Valley a recreational community, which is one of the most important factors in keeping Fountain Valley "A Nice Place To Live"! Vote NO on Measure L!

Rebuttal to Arguments Against
When a group of people want special treatment and cannot win you over with logic and facts, they will inevitably resort to scare tactics to frighten you. That is exactly what you will hear in this election by a small group of recreational vehicle (RV) owners who want to park/store their vehicles on Fountain Valley streets. This group will tell you if Measure L passes, other property rights will be next. This is just not true. The Fountain Valley City Council has stated this measure will apply only to recreational vehicles parked/stored on City streets and will not affect recreational vehicle parking on private property nor will it affect parking your vehicles in your driveway.

This group shouts loudly that if you don't allow RVs to be stored on the street, you are taking away their rights. Remember, they don't have a right to store their RVs on the streets, which is what they do by moving them a few inches every few days to circumvent the law.

Vote YES on Measure L. Let this RV group put their recreational vehicles in storage facilities. That's exactly what their recreational vehicle organization (Good Sam Club) has recommended to the City Council.

If you do not vote YES on Measure L, Fountain Valley will become a magnet for RV street storage. You may not have any RVs on your street today but you can be sure they will be there in the near future if Measure L fails.

Vote YES on Measure L

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