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Orange County, CA November 5, 2002 Election
Measure I
911 Police, Fire, and Paramedic Tax
City of Buena Park

Two-Thirds Vote Required

7,989 / 65.8% Yes votes ...... 4,149 / 34.2% No votes

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Results as of Nov 12 4:00pm, 100.0% of Precincts Reporting (52/52)
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To improve 9-1-1 reliability and response time; build a new police headquarters with a modern crime lab and an earthquake-resistant Emergency Operations Center coordinating fire, paramedic, and police services; to upgrade computer hardware, software communications and systems for patrol cars; expand the City Jail to include a new detention facility for juveniles; with independent audits, appropriations limit and a citizens oversight committee monitoring budget, schedule, and project commitments, shall a special tax not to exceed $19 per year for a single family parcel(with rates for other parcels based on land use and size) be levied, as described in Resolution 111742?

Impartial Analysis from City Attorney
The City Council of the City of Buena Park recently formed City of Buena Park Community Facilities District No. 2002-1 (New Police Facility) (the "District") to pay costs associated with constructing a new Police Headquarters. The proposed Headquarters will be approximately 50,000 square feet and is designed to house officers and civilian employees who provide the delivery of law enforcement services. The Headquarters will include a modern crime lab, juvenile detention facility, earthquake-resistant emergency operations center, jail facility, police firing range, male and female locker room facilities, dispatch center coordinating fire, paramedic, and police services, upgraded computers, community meeting rooms, police training rooms and necessary office space to accommodate administrative, investigation, traffic and other support services. The facility will also include a secured parking area for police vehicles and employee personal vehicles.

Measure I seeks the voters' approval for the District to levy a special tax to pay for a portion of the cost of the facilities described above and incidental expenses, and to establish an appropriations limit for the District. The tax is to be levied on all parcels within the City, except for certain exempt parcels (such as publicly-owned parcels). The maximum special tax for a single-family residential parcel is $19 per year. The maximum special tax for each parcel is based on the land use of the parcel, and in some cases, on the size of the parcel. The special tax may only be levied until June 30,

If approved, the special tax will be subject to the following accountability measures: (i) the above described appropriations limit, which would prevent the District from spending more on the Headquarters each year than is collected in special tax revenues; (ii) the establishment of a Citizens Oversight Committee to monitor budget, schedule, and project commitments in connection with the Headquarters and the use of special tax proceeds; and (iii) a requirement that proceeds of the special tax be kept by the District in a separate fund and that an annual independent audit be conducted of that fund and made available to the public.

A "Yes" vote on this Measure is a vote in support of a special tax levied within the City, subject to the accountability measures, and a vote in support of the establishment of an appropriations limit for the District.

A "No" vote on this Measure is a vote against a special tax for the new Police Headquarters and a vote against the establishment of the appropriations limit for the District.

The Measure must be approved by 2/3 of those voting at the election to be adopted.

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Arguments For Measure I Arguments Against Measure I
YES on I for Faster 9-1-1 Police, Fire, and Paramedic Response

Measure I will replace Buena Park's outdated 9-1-1 system with a new police, fire, and paramedic emergency communications dispatch center to ensure faster response times. Seconds count when stopping crime or rushing car crash victims to trauma centers.

YES on I for a 21st Century Police Emergency Operations Center

Buena Park police headquarters was built in 1962. The Emergency Operations Center is located in the basement; it is not earthquake safe, it floods during heavy rains, cell phones cannot get service from there, and its communications system is outdated. Measure I will build a modern police headquarters with an earthquake safe Emergency Operations Center that will allow police to protect us in the event of natural disasters or terrorist attacks.

YES on I to Help Our Police Fight Crime

Our population has increased by 50% and our police force has doubled since the police headquarters was built 36 years ago. It is too small, outdated, and does not comply with current building codes. Measure I will build larger headquarters with a modern crime lab. New computer equipment will give patrol officers immediate access to information about crimes and suspects, improving their ability to get dangerous criminals off the street.

YES on I Will Fight Gangs

Some potentially dangerous juveniles have been released from custody because Buena Park has no juvenile detention facilities. Measure I will build a juvenile detention center to help fight gangs and drugs.

YES on I Fights Crime and Bureaucracy

For $1.58 per month per household, Measure I will make Buena Park safer. A Citizens Oversight Committee will monitor the budget and expenditures, and independent audits will guarantee that none of this money is spent on administrative salaries.

Vote YES on I for a Safer Buena Park.

No argument has been filed in opposition.

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