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Alameda County, CA November 5, 2002 Election
Directory of Alameda County, CA Measures
County Results as of Nov 15 4:54pm, 100.0% of Precincts Reporting (1096/1096)
51.9% Countywide Voter Turnout (344,201/662,339)

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Measure A. Hotel and Lodging Tax -- County of Alameda (Majority Approval Required)
164766 / 54.0% Yes votes ...... 140405 / 46.0% No votes
Shall the County of Alameda adopt a Hotel and Lodging Tax at the rate of 10% of the rental charge to apply in unincorporated areas of the County but not to apply in cities within the County?

Measure B. Business License Tax -- County of Alameda (Majority Approval Required)
193062 / 65.3% Yes votes ...... 102592 / 34.7% No votes
Shall the County of Alameda continue to maintain a Business License Tax to apply in unincorporated areas of the County but not to apply in cities within Alameda County?

Measure C. Probation Officers -- County of Alameda (Charter Amendment - Majority Approval Required)
166540 / 59.8% Yes votes ...... 112171 / 40.2% No votes
Shall Section 18 of the Charter of the County of Alameda be amended by adding language specifying that any County Probation Officer taking office after November 6, 2002, shall be appointed by, and serve at the pleasure of, the County Board of Supervisors, and by deleting current language under which the Probation Officer is appointed by the County Juvenile Justice Commission and a majority of the judges and serves at the pleasure of the judges?

Measure D. Effective Date of Rezoning (Measure E) -- City of Alameda (City Ordinance)
9245 / 52.1% Yes votes ...... 8515 / 47.9% No votes
Shall an ordinance be enacted suspending the effective date of Measure E on this ballot until the voters at a future election authorize funding to pay for the private property affected by Measure E, if the City is required by a court to compensate the owner for that property?

Measure E. Rezoning -- City of Alameda (City Ordinance)
9783 / 53.4% Yes votes ...... 8542 / 46.6% No votes
Shall an ordinance be adopted amending the General Plan by changing the land use designation of the Alameda Beltline Railroad Yard Property bound by Marina Village Business Park, Constitution Way and Sherman Street from Medium-Density Residential, General Industry and Parks & Public Open Space to Parks and Public Open Space and making conforming amendments to specified sections and tables in the General Plan and to the Zoning Map provided by the Alameda City Zoning Ordinance?

Measure F. City Services Improvements -- City of Albany (Bond Issue - 2/3 vote)
3639 / 69.4% Yes votes ...... 1607 / 30.6% No votes
In order to repair and improve recreational facilities; prepare Fire, Police and other City services and buildings for earthquakes and other disasters through retrofit or replacement; improve traffic safety for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists; create new parks and improve existing parks; and resurface city streets; shall the City of Albany issue $14.5 million of bonds at tax-exempt rates, subject to guaranteed annual audits?

Measure G. Emergency Medical Services Funding -- City of Albany (City Ordinance Amendment - 2/3 vote)
3420 / 67.1% Yes votes ...... 1678 / 32.9% No votes
Shall the Emergency Medical Services Program Ordinance be amended to provide for an increase in the tax rate not to exceed $57.53 per residential unit, with limited authority to adjust for inflation, and an adjustment to the appropriations limit, to read as is set forth in the Voter Pamphlet?

Measure H. Property Transfer Tax -- City of Albany (City Charter Amendment)
2813 / 58.2% Yes votes ...... 2019 / 41.8% No votes
Shall the Albany Municipal Code, Chapter 4-5 entitled "Real Property Transfer Tax" be amended to provide for an increase in the tax rate and to clarify when business entities that transfer shares or interests in the company are obligated to pay the tax, to read as is set forth in the Voter Pamphlet?

Measure I. New Animal Shelter -- City of Berkeley (Bond Issue)
24911 / 68.2% Yes votes ...... 11594 / 31.8% No votes
Shall the City of Berkeley be authorized to issue $7.2 million of General Obligation Bonds to acquire property, if necessary, and to construct or rehabilitate a building for an animal shelter which meets the requirements of state law?

Measure J. Seismic Retrofit of Old City Hall -- County of Alameda (Bond Issue - 2/3 vote)
13954 / 39.7% Yes votes ...... 21219 / 60.3% No votes
Shall the City of Berkeley be authorized to issue $21.5 million of General Obligation Bonds to renovate, seismically retrofit, Old City Hall (2134 Martin Luther King, Jr. Way), and make it fully accessible using a base isolation design?

Measure K. School Board Director Salary Increase -- City of Berkeley (City Charter Amendment)
23827 / 67.0% Yes votes ...... 11743 / 33.0% No votes
Shall the Charter of the City of Berkeley be amended to increase the compensation of school board director from $875 to $1,500 per month effective December 2002 to be adjusted for inflation and allow for such remuneration to be used for official expenses by a voluntary reduction of remuneration?

Measure L. Property Transfer Tax for Pedestrian Safety Improvements -- City of Berkeley (2/3 vote)
19479 / 53.8% Yes votes ...... 16750 / 46.2% No votes
Shall a special tax of 1.3 cents per square foot of improvements on land in Berkeley be authorized to provide funding for the installation and maintenance in the City of Berkeley of innovative and enhanced pedestrian safety improvements such as traffic circles and lighted pedestrian crosswalks and improved access for people with disabilities?

Measure M. Property Transfer Tax for Save/Affordable Housing -- City of Berkeley (2/3 vote)
18600 / 50.7% Yes votes ...... 18088 / 49.3% No votes
Shall a tax of 0.5% on all transfers of real property be authorized to fund safe and affordable housing for people living or working in Berkeley, exempting owner-occupied single family homes sold at up to $350,000 or 105% of prior price?

Measure N. Amendment of Waterfront Plan (Measure Q) -- City of Berkeley
22931 / 67.2% Yes votes ...... 11207 / 32.8% No votes
Shall Measure Q be amended to authorize the Berkeley City Council to amend the Waterfront Specific Plan to change the amount and type of potential development on privately-owned property at the Berkeley Waterfront, so long as: development potential is not increased; any amendments are evaluated under the California Environmental Quality Act; any amendments ensure that the property owner's constitutional rights are respected; and any amendments are submitted to the voters at the next regular election?

Measure O. Brewed Coffee Sale Restrictions -- City of Berkeley (City Ordinance)
11008 / 29.4% Yes votes ...... 26465 / 70.6% No votes
Shall an ordinance be adopted to restrict the sale of brewed coffee in Berkeley to only that which is organic, shade-grown and fair-trade certified coffee?

Measure P. Building Height Limits -- City of Berkeley (City Ordinance Amendment)
7419 / 20.3% Yes votes ...... 29195 / 79.7% No votes
Shall the Zoning Ordinance be amended to reduce certain height limits; require certain height increases to be approved by the Zoning Adjustments Board; limit height increases to comply with state law mandates for affordable housing projects to ten feet where no feasible alternative exists and allow amendments to the initiative after ten years or upon a two-thirds vote of the City Council and written findings?

Measure Q. Incorporation of Castro Valley -- Proposed City of Castro Valley (Adoption of LAFCo Resolution - Majority Approval Required)
5357 / 27.9% Yes votes ...... 13819 / 72.1% No votes
Shall the resolution adopted on May 9, 2002 by the Alameda Local Agency Formation Commission ordering the incorporation of the territory described in the resolution and designated as the Incorporation of the City of Castro Valley, subject to terms and conditions specified in the resolution, including authorizing the City to levy a Transient Occupancy Tax of 10% and extending the existing Utility Users Tax beyond its current sunset date of June 2009, be approved?

Measure R. Fire Safety -- City of Fremont (Bond Issue - 2/3 vote)
28463 / 74.4% Yes votes ...... 9797 / 25.6% No votes
To improve Fremont's fire safety and emergency response capability by replacing three small, substandard fire stations; strengthening the remaining seven fire stations to better withstand earthquakes and serve the community after an emergency; and building a public safety training center, shall the City of Fremont issue $51 million in general obligation bonds at the lowest interest rates possible, with the moneys deposited in a special account to be used only for these projects?

Measure S. Mayor and City Council Salary Increase -- City of Fremont (City Ordinance)
13149 / 35.2% Yes votes ...... 24168 / 64.8% No votes
Shall an ordinance be adopted that increases the salary of each member of the City Council from $1,407 per month to $2,083 per month and increases the salary of the Mayor from $2,211 per month to $2,916 per month?

Measure T. Hill Area Initiative Adoption -- City of Fremont
21655 / 57.6% Yes votes ...... 15921 / 42.4% No votes
Shall the voters of the City of Fremont adopt the Hill Area Initiative of 2002?

Measure U. Transportation Projects -- City of Hayward (General Plan Amendment)
11320 / 61.6% Yes votes ...... 7069 / 38.4% No votes
Shall the General Plan of the City of Hayward be amended, as provided in the measure, to enable the Hayward City Council to pursue implementation of transportation projects which may include alternatives to the Route 238 Bypass and which would qualify for funding from Measure B and other sources?

Measure V. Bernal Property Initiative Adoption -- County of Alameda
11537 / 60.5% Yes votes ...... 7545 / 39.5% No votes
Shall the Bernal Property Initiative, which would (1) prohibit housing of any type on the city owned land within the Bernal Specific Plan area, (b) prohibit the city from selling any of the land, and (c) mandate that all uses on the city owned land be accessible to the public, be adopted?

Measure W. High School Construction and Improvements -- Tracy Joint Unified School District (Bond Issue - 55% vote)
33 / 53.2% Yes votes ...... 29 / 46.8% No votes
To provide modern, safe learning environments for high school students by constructing a new Tracy High; adding physical education facilities, stadium and auditorium to West High; renovating essential classrooms/bathrooms/core facilities for career-technical education and community uses at existing Tracy High and qualifying for state matching funds for these projects; and for other specified projects; shall Tracy Joint Unified School District issue $103,000,000 in bonds at lawful interest rates, with annual audits, and a citizens' oversight committee?

Measure AA. Property Tax for Transportation -- Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District (2/3 vote)
168,525 / 68.1% Yes votes ...... 78,821 / 31.9% No votes
   146206 (68.4%) Yes / 67497 (31.6%) No in Alameda County
   22,319 (66.3%) Yes / 11,324 (33.7%) No in Contra Costa County
To protect essential public transportation services provided by AC Transit, including bus services for school children, seniors and people with disabilities, ensure the safety and security of transit passengers, help reduce traffic congestion on local streets and freeways, and reduce air pollution, shall the Alameda Contra-Costa Transit District be authorized to levy annually for five years only a tax of $24 per parcel, and appoint an independent fiscal oversight committee of community representatives?

Measure BB. Seismic Safety -- San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District (Bond Issue - 2/3 vote)
485,782 / 64.5% Yes votes ...... 267,778 / 35.5% No votes
   209748 (66.8%) Yes / 104376 (33.2%) No in Alameda County
   135,424 (54.9%) Yes / 111,235 (45.1%) No in Contra Costa County
   140,610 (72.94%) Yes / 52,167 (27.06%) No in San Francisco County
To protect public safety, preserve mobility for Bay Area residents and keep traffic moving in the event of a major earthquake, shall the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District be authorized to issue bonds not to exceed $1.05 billion to seismically retrofit, strengthen, improve, and replace BART facilities serving Alameda, Contra Costa, and San Francisco Counties, and establish an independent citizens' oversight committee to review and report bond expenditures to the public?

Measure CC. Mayoral Elections -- City of Oakland (City Charter Amendment - Majority Approval Required)
40787 / 49.7% Yes votes ...... 41203 / 50.3% No votes
Shall the Oakland City Charter be amended to specify the date Mayor's term commences following election to fill a mayoral vacancy; provide that no person shall be elected Mayor more than twice, except to fill a mayoral vacancy of two years or less; eliminate Measure X's sunset provision (Charter section 1213), thereby permanently retaining Measure X, which provides for a "strong mayor", elected city attorney and requires voter approval of salary increases.

Measure DD. Clean Water, Safe Parks -- City of Oakland (Bond Issue - 2/3 vote)
69979 / 80.0% Yes votes ...... 17464 / 20.0% No votes
To improve water quality; provide educational and recreational facilities for children; clean up Lake Merritt; restore Oakland's creeks, waterfront and Estuary; preserve and acquire open space; renovate parks; provide safe public spaces; and provide matching funds to qualify for state and federal funding for these projects, shall the City of Oakland issue $198,250,000 in bonds creating an Oakland Trust for Clean Water, Safe Parks to ensure money will be spent only on approved projects?

Measure EE. "Just Cause" Eviction -- City of Oakland (City Ordinance - Majority Approval Required)
44860 / 50.8% Yes votes ...... 43449 / 49.2% No votes
Shall an ordinance be adopted that provides that landlords of specified residential properties may evict a tenant only for reasons specified in the measure, such as non-payment of rent, breach of lease, damaging premises, disorderly conduct, drug or other illegal activity, rehabilitation of unit, landlord or relative occupancy, except in certain circumstances where the tenant is disabled, elderly or catastrophically ill, and provides for damages, penalties and attorneys' fees against landlords who violate this law.

Measure FF. Violence Prevention Programs -- City of Oakland (Advisory Vote)
42084 / 52.9% Yes votes ...... 37454 / 47.1% No votes
Shall all new revenues received from Ballot Measures GG, HH, and II be spent on violence prevention programs?

Measure GG. Parking Tax Surcharge -- City of Oakland (Municipal Code Amendment - Majority Approval Required)
35646 / 43.8% Yes votes ...... 45822 / 56.2% No votes
Shall the Oakland Municipal Code be amended in order to provide for a ten percent (10%) temporary (five year) surcharge to the City's parking tax rate?

Measure HH. Temporary Utility Tax Surcharge -- City of Oakland (Municipal Code Amendment - Majority Approval Required)
26932 / 33.1% Yes votes ...... 54436 / 66.9% No votes
Shall the Oakland Municipal Code be amended in order to provide for a one-half of one percent (1/2%) temporary (five year) surcharge to the City's alternate fuel, cable, electricity, gas and telephone users tax rates and to impose the telephone users tax on all calls regardless of the origination or termination of the call, and regardless of whether the call is included within a "package" or is billed as a separately listed call?

Measure II. Temporary Transient Tax Surcharge -- City of Oakland (Municipal Code Amendment - Majority Approval Required)
34411 / 43.4% Yes votes ...... 44835 / 56.6% No votes
Shall the Oakland Municipal Code be amended in order to provide for a three percent (3%) temporary (five year) surcharge to the City's transient occupancy tax rate?

Measure JJ. Business Tax Changes -- City of Oakland (Municipal Code Amendment)
49921 / 65.8% Yes votes ...... 25891 / 34.2% No votes
Shall the Oakland Municipal Code be amended to Ensure that businesses, regardless of location, are subject to equal business tax treatment by 1) Reducing eligible manufacturers' tax liability by providing a raw materials' deduction, 2) Clarifying Oakland manufacturers' right to an additional tax deduction for business activity occurring outside of Oakland, 3) Clarifying that businesses with administrative headquarters in Oakland will be taxed under the applicable business category for each business activity at the headquarters?

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