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San Francisco has a runoff election on December 10.

Browse California and Ohio candidates and ballot measures and election results from the November 5, 2002 election. [More info...]

California Unprocessed Ballots Report (from Sec'y. of State)

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Connecting People with Government

Guide to Government You asked for it! Smart Voter is announcing a preview look at our newest service: Guide to Government. First available only for San Mateo County, find contact information about your current government officials from school district to president of the United States. Also check out "About Government". We have more work to do, but thought you might want a peek!

Welcome to Smart Voter

* Runoff Elections.   San Francisco has two runoff elections on December 10.

* November 5, 2002 General Elections.   Smart Voter invited all statewide candidates and candidates in participating counties to build pages on Smart Voter.

(See Candidate FAQ for more information.)

* Have questions or comments for us? Check our "FAQs for Voters" or send us a feedback. We'd love to hear from you. We try to answer all email promptly.

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