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California State Government March 5, 2002 Election
Smart Voter Political Philosophy for Peter Miguel Camejo

Candidate for
Governor; State of California; Green Party

This information is provided by the candidate

California has a choice: Develop a sustainable economy, democracy and social justice, or face increased income gaps, political corruption and repeated crises of our economy, energy and water.

The following is a summary of the Camejo campaign's platform:

Energy- Stop paying for bad decisions and corruption in the utility industry. End the bail-outs that have destroyed our budget surplus. Support municipal utility districts and renewable energy sources like wind and solar.

Living Wage & Labor Rights- It is unacceptable that many people who work full-time are earning so little that they are still in poverty. Enact "living wage" laws statewide. Fight for the rights of workers, unions, and prevailing wage rules.

Free and Fair Elections- Camejo will work to make sure that people are free to vote for the candidate of their choice, and have their vote count. This includes using run-offs in state-wide elections, to uphold the principle of majority rule (using instant-run-off voting, so voters can rank their first and second choices). Camejo will work for campaign finance reform, to eliminate bribery and corruption.

Civil Rights and Equality- End racial profiling by police and the criminal justice system. Enact a moratorium on the death penalty. End the mistreatment of undocumented residents (including the current policy that prevents their children from attending college). Support programs to overcome past discrimination and its lingering effects. Equality for people of all sexual orientations, including equal civic rights for same-sex couples. Protect religious freedom for all by guaranteeing separation of church and state. Advocate for women's rights and reproductive freedom.

Old Growth Forests- California has only 4% of our original ancient trees remaining. Camejo supports the initiative to protect the last remaining old-growth trees, so that they will still be alive for our descendents.

Education- Guarantee a quality education to everyone, including equal access to resources such as books, school facilities that work, and great teachers who are paid enough to stay in the profession. California now ranks near the bottom in the USA in our support for education, Camejo will work to raise our commitment to at least the national average. Camejo will work to protect and enhance public education, and opposes the privatization of our schools.

Law & Order- To protect Californians from corporations that endanger our economy, health and safety, end the practice of being soft on corporate crime. Increase rehabilitation and training for people in trouble. Abolish California's "3 Strikes" law.

Treat Drug Addiction- Camejo will treat drug addiction as a disease, saving our state billions of dollars by avoiding the need to imprison thousands of non-violent people. Tobacco kills over 1,000 people a day in the USA, and should not receive government subsidies. Camejo will work to de-criminalize marijuana, and to improve the availability of drug treatment programs. End addiction by focusing on demand.

Health- Guarantee Universal Health Care to every Californian. Use a not-for-profit system and avoid waste, so that every Californian can have high-quality health care, including preventative care and easy access to local providers, for less money than we spend now for our inadequate system. Retain good health care workers by improving working conditions, nurse-to-patient ratios, and living wage guarantees. Protect public health by enforcing our air and water quality laws, cutting the use of toxic pesticides and other hazardous chemicals, and require labeling and regulation of genetically modified foods.

Transportation, Housing & Smart Growth- Traffic congestion and smog are getting worse, and must be addressed. Those who do not or cannot drive become more isolated as development sprawls out, and farms and open space are destroyed. Support "smart growth" to develop housing (including affordable housing), schools, jobs and services in pedestrian-friendly styles that are accessible by transit and bicycle. Create a program to help first time homebuyers with down payments, and help people find, and afford, housing near their jobs.

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