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Alameda County, CA March 5, 2002 Election
Directory of Alameda County, CA Measures
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Measure A. Ohlone College Renovation and Improvement Measure -- Fremont/Newark Community College District
16111 / 56.2% Yes votes
12506 / 43.7% No votes
"To allow Ohlone College to increase educational opportunities, raise student achievement, improve health/safety conditions; acquire, construct, equip an Ohlone Newark Center/site for academic, technology/nursing programs; construct Student Support Building at the Fremont Campus; renovate classrooms and buildings, upgrade and equip computer labs, libraries, science labs, and classrooms; shall Fremont-Newark Community College District issue $150,000,000 of bonds at legal interest rates, appoint a Citizens' Oversight Committee, require annual audits, with no money for administrators' salaries?"

Measure B. Health and Safety School Measure -- Fremont Unified School District
15101 / 63.5% Yes votes
8679 / 36.4% No votes
"To enhance student safety by repairing leaky roofs, reducing earthquake hazards, installing fire safety, emergency communication and air quality systems, upgrading electrical wiring and bathroom plumbing systems; construct/acquire/equip classrooms/cafeterias/facilities; renovate existing schools; qualify for State matching funds, shall Fremont Unified School District issue $157,200,000 of bonds at legal rates and appoint a Citizen Oversight Committee to perform annual audits, prevent waste and ensure that no money is used for administrators' salaries?"

Measure C. Bonds -- Castro Valley Unified School District
6861 / 69.7% Yes votes
2975 / 30.2% No votes
"To complete the renovation, modernization and expansion of its schools, including replacement of aging roofs, inefficient heating, energy, and ventilation systems, windows, plumbing and restrooms, to create a performing arts center to serve all students and the community, a science center at each elementary school, and restore fields and reconfigure drop-off areas to improve student safety, shall the Castro Valley Unified School District issue $16,800,000 in bonds at interest rates within the legal limit?"

Measure D. City Council Elections -- City of Oakland (City Charter Amendment)
35621 / 67.0% Yes votes
17476 / 32.9% No votes
Shall Oakland City Charter section 205, which requires elections to fill Council vacancies, be amended to provide that the Vice Mayor of the Council shall not be required to run for his/her Council seat and shall be entitled to return to his/her Council seat when a vacancy occurs in his/her office by virtue of his/her assumption of the office of Mayor due to a mayoral vacancy?

Measure E. Elected City Attorney -- City of Oakland (City Charter Amendment)
35510 / 70.9% Yes votes
14564 / 29.0% No votes
Shall the City Charter be amended to specify the qualifications, terms, and powers of the office of the elected City Attorney, to provide for the filling of vacancy of the office of the elected City Attorney and, to provide that, if the voters decide not to retain the changes related to Measure X, the City Attorney elected in 2004 will serve a full four-year term?

Measure F. City Council Salary -- City of Oakland
21525 / 38.6% Yes votes
34236 / 61.3% No votes
Shall the salaries of Oakland City Council members be increased ten (10) percent?

Measure G. Bonds -- City of Oakland
43431 / 75.1% Yes votes
14386 / 24.8% No votes
In order to expand learning opportunities at the Oakland Zoo, Oakland Museum and Oakland's Chabot Space and Science Center, shall the City of Oakland issue $59,000,000 in general obligation bonds at interest rates within the legal limit, to acquire, renovate, improve, construct, and finance existing and additional facilities and to qualify for private matching funds, with all funds raised by this measure staying in Oakland to expand programs and facilities at these institutions?

Measure H. Mayor Elections -- City of Oakland (City Charter Amendment)
40114 / 75.9% Yes votes
12713 / 24.0% No votes
Shall the City Charter be amended to provide: (1) elections to fill any vacancy of one year or more in the Office of Mayor, (2) that the Vice-Mayor of the Council shall fill any vacancy of less than one year; and (3) that the Council shall appoint an individual to fill a vacancy of less than one year if the vice-Mayor declines to serve for such unexpired term?

Measure I. Port of Oakland Employment -- City of Oakland (City Charter Amendment)
44543 / 77.8% Yes votes
12701 / 22.1% No votes
Shall the Charter be amended to: require certain Port of Oakland contractors and tenants with the Port over $50,000 to: Pay employees at least what Oakland's Living Wage Ordinance requires (currently $9.13 per hour with health benefits; $10.50 without benefits); and If replacing a previous contractor/tenant, retain the prior employer's non-management employees for at least 90 days unless there is cause for discharge or layoff?

Measure J. Fireworks Ordinance -- City of Union City
3085 / 44.8% Yes votes
3795 / 55.1% No votes
Shall Ordinance No. 570-01 Repealing the sale, use or possession of safe and sane fireworks be adopted?

Measure K. Parcel Tax -- East Bay Regional Park District
139267 / 65.3% Yes votes
73922 / 34.6% No votes
Shall a resolution be approved to provide critical environmental maintenance, enhance public safety by adding police, firefighters and park rangers, and increase public access to East Bay Regional Park District's 93,000 acres of serene parklands, 59 parks and over 1,000 miles of regional trails by authorizing a parcel tax based upon occupancy, of $1 per month ( $12 per year) per single-family parcel and $0.69 per month ($8.28 per year) per multi-family unit to expire in 12 years?

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