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Santa Clara County Ballot

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November 6, 2001 Election

County Results as of Nov 21 9:55am

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Polling Location on November 6, 7am - 8pm
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Contests for all precincts in Santa Clara County, CA combined are shown below.
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  • School

    Board Member; Palo Alto Unified School District (2 Elected)

    • Cathy Kroymann
      7,682 votes 44.7%
    • John Barton
      7,317 votes 42.6%
    • Ivan Kolozsvari
      2,180 votes 12.7%
    • Barbara S. Mitchell (Write-in)

    Board Member; Cupertino Union School District (3 Elected)

    Board Member; Los Altos School District (3 Elected)

    Board Member; Orchard School District (3 Elected)

    • Ken Riley
      307 votes 23.0%
    • Alan Fong
      301 votes 22.5%
    • Terri L. Weeman
      279 votes 20.9%
    • Celestina Vigil
      270 votes 20.2%
    • Carol J. Orr
      179 votes 13.4%

    Board Member; Sunnyvale School District (3 Elected)


    Council Member; City of Cupertino (3 Elected)

    Council Member; City of Gilroy (3 Elected)

    • Craig L. Gartman
      2,100 votes 18.2%
    • Charles Steve Morales
      2,053 votes 17.8%
    • Robert T. Dillon
      2,016 votes 17.5%
    • Paul Correa
      1,790 votes 15.5%
    • Guadalupe "Lupe" Arellano
      1,656 votes 14.4%
    • Russ Valiquette
      1,563 votes 13.6%
    • Manly R. Willis
      353 votes 3.1%

    Council Member; City of Los Altos (2 Elected)

    • John Moss
      3,170 votes 52.5%
    • King Craig Lear
      2,865 votes 47.5%

    Council Member; City of Palo Alto (5 Elected)

    Council Member; City of Sunnyvale; Seat 1

    Council Member; City of Sunnyvale; Seat 2

    Council Member; City of Sunnyvale; Seat 3


    Commissioner; Saratoga Fire Protection District (2 Elected)

    Board Member; West Bay Sanitary District (2 Elected)

    Local Measures

    Measure A Transient Occupancy Tax -- City of Los Altos (Initiative - Majority Vote)
    2,958 / 76.8% Yes votes ...... 894 / 23.2% No votes
    Shall the City Council of the City of Los Altos be authorized, annually, to set the rate of the Transient Occupancy Tax of the City at a rate not to exceed 11%?

    Measure B Ordinance Readings -- City of Gilroy (Charter Amendment - Majority Vote)
    2,735 / 71.3% Yes votes ...... 1,102 / 28.7% No votes
    Shall Section 601 of the City Charter be amended to change the vote requirement, from a unanimous vote of the City Council to waive the reading of a proposed ordinance in full, to a majority vote to be consistent with state law?

    Measure C Mayoral Election -- City of Gilroy (Charter Amendment - Majority Vote)
    1,490 / 38.1% Yes votes ...... 2,424 / 61.9% No votes
    Shall Section 1403 be added to the City Charter to require that the election of the Mayor shall require a majority of the votes cast at said election to constitute the choice of the electors, and if no candidate receives a majority of the votes cast, a runoff election between the two candidates receiving the highest numbers of the votes cast, or in case of a tie, among those candidates tying for the highest number of votes cast, shall be called by the City Council?

    Measure D Annexation to the City of Cupertino -- Garden Gate Neighborhood (Resolution - Majority vote)
    187 / 55.5% Yes votes ...... 150 / 44.5% No votes
    Shall the reorganization order adopted on July 16, 2001, by the Cupertino City Council be confirmed? The reorganization would affect the unincorporated area of Garden Gate and provide for (1) the annexation of about 107 acres of territory known as Garden Gate to the City of Cupertino; and (2) the detachment of the same territory from the Santa Clara County Lighting Service Area.

    Measure E Bond Issue -- Orchard School District (55% Vote Required)
    391 / 70.7% Yes votes ...... 162 / 29.3% No votes
    In order to prevent overcrowding resulting from increasing enrollment, shall the Orchard School District, with annual audits and citizens oversight, purchase land and construct and furnish additional classrooms and school facilities by issuing $40 million of bonds within legal interest rates?

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