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Contra Costa County, CA November 6, 2001 Election
Measure K
Direct Election of the Mayor
City of San Ramon

Charter Amendment

4,261 / 76.0% Yes votes ...... 1,349 / 24.0% No votes

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Shall Articles II and III of the City of San Ramon Charter be amended:
  • a) to provide direct election of the Mayor to a two-year term commencing in 2003,
  • b) to establish term limits of four two-year terms or eight years total,
  • c) to prescribe the duties of the Mayor as those existing on June 1, 2001, and
  • d) to set the Mayor's compensation at $100 per month more than that of a Councilmember?

Impartial Analysis from the City Attorney
This ballot measure, the result of an initiative petition, would amend the Charter of the City of San Ramon to provide for the direct election of the mayor. At present, the San Ramon City Charter provides for the mayor to be selected annually by the City Council under a selection process established by the Council based upon rotation.

Specifically, the ballot measure would amend the City Charter to provide for:

  • A mayor directly elected by the voters.
  • A term of two years for the elected mayor.
  • A term limit for the mayor for not more than four two-year terms or eight years total.
  • The duties of the mayor would remain the same as those that existed on January 1, 2001.
  • The Mayor would receive compensation at $100 per month more than the compensation for a member of the Council.
  • The first election for mayor would occur at the first regular municipal election following adoption of the Charter amendment when three City Council seats are on the ballot. One of these three seats would be for the directly elected mayor.

A "yes" vote is a vote to approve the Charter amendment.

A "no" vote is a vote against approval of the Charter amendment.

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Arguments For Measure K
It's time for the residents of San Ramon to directly elect their mayor! 5370 residents of San Ramon helped place this question on the ballot because the City Council would not. Our current system allows the mayor to be selected by a vote of the City Council -- not a set rotation.

What would this initiative do? It would allow the voters to directly elect the mayor, and will start at the next election when three full term Council seats are open. One of these seats will become the mayor position. The elected mayor initiative is simple:

  • Duties of the mayor remain the same as right now (no super mayor).
  • Two year term (with a maximum 8 years total).
  • Mayor will make $100 per month more than council members.
  • Begins at the next City election.
  • Residents decide who will be mayor!

The only real change is that the residents elect our mayor! The two-year term doubles the current one-year term of the Council selected mayor. Eight years is the maximum limit (that should be more than enough for anyone). Pay? Right now the mayor makes the same as the Council members, and they can increase their salary themselves. The mayor's salary will move right along with the Council, plus $100.

It's simple. Should the residents of San Ramon directly elect their mayor? The answer is YES. Vote YES on measure "K" for your right to choose!

/s/ Bob Ingalls

/s/ Victor Petersen

/s/ Dennis Viers

/s/ Susan Friedman

/s/ Jerry Cambra

(No arguments against Measure K were submitted)

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