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Alameda County, CA November 6, 2001 Election
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By Doug Goodman

Candidate for Member, City Council; City of Livermore

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Traffic on city streets has reached unbearable proportions. Currently, the City addresses this issue on a piecemeal basis. Traffic congestion is a City-wide problems and must be proactively addressed on a City-wide basis.
Increased traffic is a city-wide problem. It is not isolated to just a few neighborhoods. However, Livermore has taken a piece-meal approach to solving the problem. Problems are only addressed if a neighborhood complains loudly and frequently. A traffic engineer and police representative meet with the community and try to work out a solution. While this approach solves a local symptom, it does not solve the problem.

As a city-wide problem, traffic must be addressed on a city-wide basis. This next year, Livermore will update its General Plan. Traffic is a part of the General Plan. We must look at how we define the different types of streets, their purpose, and the overall flow of traffic throughout Livermore. What was considered acceptable in 1989, may not be acceptable in 2001.

Special attention must be paid to streets in our residential areas. Ways to control volume and speed in these areas must be seriously addressed. All options, to include street closure, must be considered.

New business development must be responsible for the traffic impacts it produces. The affect of commuters entering and exiting an area, the proximity to residential areas, and the likely cut-through routes must be considered and resolved as part of the project approval.

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