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Alameda County Ballot

Combined ballot

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November 6, 2001 Election

County Results as of November 16 11:33am, 100.0% of Precincts Reporting (432/432)
21.3% Countywide Voter Turnout (79923/375337)

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Contests for all precincts in Alameda County, CA combined are shown below.
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  • School

    Governing Board Member; Emeryville Unified School District (3 Elected)

    Governing Board Member; Pleasanton Unified School District (2 Elected)

    • Gloria J. Fredette
      3587 votes 38.8%
    • Patrick J. Kernan
      3226 votes 34.9%
    • Marion Leach
      2422 votes 26.2%

    Special District

    Board Member; Castro Valley Sanitary District (2 Elected)


    Member, City Council; City of Emeryville (2 Elected)

    • Dick Kassis
      485 votes 50.4%
    • Gary L. Caffey
      477 votes 49.5%

    Mayor; City of Livermore

    • Marshall H. Kamena
      7421 votes 57.4%
    • Cathie Brown
      4381 votes 33.8%
    • Kevin M. Dennis
      1124 votes 8.6%

    Member, City Council; City of Livermore (2 Elected)

    • Tom Reitter
      7737 votes 32.2%
    • Mark L. Beeman
      6009 votes 25.0%
    • John Stein
      4732 votes 19.7%
    • Doug Goodman
      2789 votes 11.6%
    • William R. Stevens
      2055 votes 8.5%
    • Don King
      647 votes 2.6%

    Mayor; City of Newark

    • David W. Smith
      3544 votes 100.0%

    Member, City Council; City of Newark (2 Elected)

    Member, City Council; City of Union City (3 Elected)

    Local Measures

    Measure A Parcel Tax -- Alameda Unified School District (2/3 vote)
    10008 / 71.3% Yes votes ...... 4023 / 28.6% No votes
    To retain and recruit quality teachers and staff, to avoid further reductions in essential educational programs, to avoid increases in class sizes and to maintain the quality of education in Alameda schools, shall the Alameda Unified School District be authorized to levy, for 5 years only, a tax of $109 per parcel, to provide an exemption to the principal residence of persons 65 years of age or over, and appoint a District Fiscal Oversight Committee?

    Measure B Parcel Tax -- Oakland Unified School District (2/3 vote)
    24865 / 78.9% Yes votes ...... 6615 / 21.0% No votes
    To reduce class sizes, improve teacher salaries, purchase textbooks and materials, improve math, science, fine arts programs and libraries, improve safety and provide resources for underachieving students in district programs, provide job training, with no money used for administrative costs, shall Oakland Unified School District be authorized to increase the existing $75 annual parcel tax by $4 per month to $123 annually for a period of 5 years, with an exemption for qualified low-income parcel owners?

    Measure C Charter Amendment -- City of Albany (majority vote)
    1405 / 58.4% Yes votes ...... 999 / 41.5% No votes
    Do you vote to adopt a City Council Proposed Charter Amendment, as recommended by the Charter Review Committee, to change the elected Chief of Police position to an appointed position, the exact wording of which is set forth in the voter pamphlet?

    Measure D Transient Occupancy Tax -- City of Emeryville (majority vote)
    401 / 66.0% Yes votes ...... 206 / 33.9% No votes
    Shall the City of Emeryville increase the uniform transient occupancy tax imposed on transients from ten percent (10%) to twelve percent (12%) of the rent charged by the lodging service operator, such as hotels and motels, in order to provide for general municipal services in the City of Emeryville?

    Measure E Business License Tax -- City of Emeryville (majority vote)
    379 / 63.2% Yes votes ...... 220 / 36.7% No votes
    In order to provide for general municipal services in the City of Emeryville, shall the City of Emeryville revise the business license tax imposed on persons engaged in the business of operating a lodging service, such as hotels and motels, in an amount of twelve percent (12%) of gross receipts per quarter attributable to rent collected from customers of a lodging service, excluding gross receipts of a lodging service business attributable to rent collected from a transient upon which the lodging service business also collects from the transient and pays to the City of Emeryville a tax in accordance with the Uniform Transient Occupancy Tax Law of the City of Emeryville, plus eight-one hundredths of one percent (0.08%) of all other gross receipts of a lodging service business?

    Measure F Hotel/Motel Tax -- City of Newark (majority vote)
    2389 / 62.1% Yes votes ...... 1458 / 37.8% No votes
    Shall the City of Newark increase the hotel/motel tax imposed on travelers from 7.5% to 10% of the daily room rate?

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