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Los Angeles County, CA March 6, 2001 Election
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By James Fuhrman

Candidate for Council Member; City of West Hollywood

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The Other Candidates Offer Hypocracy and Free-Loading; I'm Offering is Honest and Free Enterprise.
If you added up all the Rent Control "experience" the other candidates have combined, it would be well over 100 years. They are in favor of market-rate housing for OTHERS, but not for themselves. This is due to their own selfish interests. Their main goal, above everything else, is CHEAP UNDER-MARKET RENT for themselves. They talk about West Hollywood being "diverse"...yes, we have diversity here, but it's a diverse group of FREE LOADERS we have. I want to phase out rent control over FIVE years, and have a "means test" to find out who the TRULY NEEDY are. That way, we don't have to continue to help the millionaires, some of which are presently on the City Council, and some of which may be other candidates. I don't believe Rent Control was meant to assist the wealthy. The selfish interests of the other candidates are clear and obvious: they want CHEAP RENT FOR THEMSELF...nothing else. There has been a net gain of only 126 new fair market rental apartment units built in West Hollywood since 1989. This is shameful at best. We need to give investors incentives to build here: lower Planning fees, and less fear they City will usurp their property, as they did in 1985. They need to be SURE if they build here, their property can be rented out at whatever rate they feel they can get. We need wealthier people living here, who can afford to patronize our own restaurants and stores, rather than relying on out-of-town troublemakers coming to our nightclubs. Drive around and see our old, crumbling apartment buildings. Then go to Koreatown, West L.A., the Valley, and anywhere else they are building new apartments, where investors know they can get a profit. I am proud that I have received NO ENDORSEMENT from any current or past City Council member. I want to help the TRULY NEEDY...we need to find out with a "means test" who they are. Get rid of the hypocrites and free-loaders; Please consider integrity, honesty and free-enterprise.

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