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Los Angeles County, CA March 6, 2001 Election
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By James Fuhrman

Candidate for Council Member; City of West Hollywood

This information is provided by the candidate
If you would like to see REAL change in West Hollywood from someone NOT owned by special interests, (big developers, apartment owners, tenants, nightclubs, trash-collection companies, taxi companies, cable t.v. companies, car towing companies, etc., and all the others who have bought our local politicians, who continue to whore themselves out to anyone with money being tossed at them), please consider voting for me. I have lived in West Hollywood for 11 years and I am fed up with the current corrupt system which has been set up to keep incumbents and career politicians in office. This has ruined the quality of life for many. I pledge to continue publically exposing corruption, fraud, waste and hypocracy. I also pledge to phase out fascist Rent Control, and restore free enterprise for apartment rental rates. On the City Council, I could be even more effective. WHAT I BELIEVE and WHAT I'LL DO AS YOUR COUNCILPERSON:
  • Complainer's Variety Show host on Public Access television--continuing to publically expose waste, fraud and hypocracy at City Hall.
  • I'm not for sale--I won't take any political campaign contribution or gift from anyone, for any amount, ever. I'd like to see a rule where ALL campaign contributions are announced monthly at Council meetings, so everyone has a clear picture of who really OWNS the City Council. I'd also like to have a rule where political campaign contribution checks to Council members must be endorsed on the stage, in front of the public. I have nothing to hide since I won't accept any gift from anyone. I wonder why the other candidates don't support this.
  • No variances for sale to developers giving political campaign contributions. This system must end.
  • Organize Advisory Board specifically to assist increasing number of Section 8 eviction victims with relocation costs to affordable areas--a problem caused by the current Council in their efforts to have a loyal group of voters who get nearly free rent, who keep re-electing the same crooked politicians year after year--who are there for one reason and one reason only: TO STAY THERE! "One doesn't bite the hand that feeds". Who do you think were the first people to hog the cheap rent controlled apartments? That's right--many past and present members of the City Council, Commissions, City employees, etc. Let's phase out unfair and fascist Rent Control over five years and restore free enterprise. Set up a "means test" to assist people with legitimate needs for public assistance--paid for BY THE CITY...NOT PAID BY LANDLORDS! Immediately throw out all millionaires living in Rent Controlled units--and you all know some of them! This outrage must end. OTHER ISSUES: increased parking enforcement, non-smoking sections on public sidewalks of restaurants, nightclubs pay fair-share of crime control costs, fewer alcohol licences, more green space, reduce City travel expense and other waste, reasonable development, reduce noise pollution, make West Hollywood a world-class leader in civil rights for everyone, a new library, free condoms, and safer streets, more Russian representation.

I have no money for glossy mailings nor for paying political consultants. If you want that, vote for one of the other candidates. They are ready to tell you what their political consultants think you want to hear, and they are ready to take your money. Please send them your money, DON'T send it to me since I won't take it. The other candidates will pledge a lot of vacant promises, as usual, while I pledge to tell you the may not always be what you want to hear, but I believe voters might appreciate some genuine honesty for a change from someone who DOESN'T take political money or gifts from any amount...ever. I'm not for sale.

Unlike the other candidates for this office, I'm PROUD that I have received NO ENDORSEMENT from any incumbent. If you're looking for genuine positive change, please vote for me. If you want the corrupt status quo, don't vote for me. Simply randomly vote for ANY of the other candidates--it really doesn't matter, since they are all ready to accept your money. I won't because I'm NOT for sale. PLEASE VOTE FOR JAMES FUHRMAN FOR WEST HOLLYWOOD CITY COUNCIL, PO BOX 69-1296, West Hollywood, CA 90069

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