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Hamilton County, OH November 7, 2000 Election
Smart Voter Gary K. Sweeney

Candidate for
State Representative; District 34

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Biographical Highlights
  • Party: Libertarian
  • Occupation: Lithographer, 20 years
  • Libertarian candidate, for Cincinnati Council '89, Ohio 34th '94
  • Kentucky Colonel 1998
  • Founding member of TEA, Tax Enough Already
  • Citizens Against Government Waste, Tax Action Network leader
  • NRA rep for the Pro Gun vote 1994
  • Member of the Ohio Military Reserves
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Top Priorities if Elected
  • S.T.P., Stop Taxes in Place. No new taxes or tax increases, working to lower taxes.
  • P.O.C., Protect Ohio Citizens. I trust the citizens of Ohio. I would support a concealed carry permit for the safety of Ohioans.
  • P.C.E., Parental Choice in Education. I support a more open, less governmental approach to education
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Position Papers
Drugs , Guns and Crime
Government action has made a bad situation worse
The Worlds Smallest Politcal Quiz
Left wing,, Right wing what does that mean?? Find out where you place in this simple test on your views of freedom and liberty. You could be a Libertarian and not know it ! Check out Your Politcal Profile. Politaclly homeless, not sure what you are take this test, find a home.
2 party politics, Gov Taft's acts found unconstituional aginst LIBERTARIANs
Then Sec of State, Bob Taft, ignored courts orders to list the Libertarin Party's name on the ballots of Libertarian candidates. The state is now wasting more tax monies by take this case the a higher court, all in the name of keeping the Libertarian name off the ballot.
Key Endorsements
  • To honest for endorsments.
  • Endorsments are special interests groups attempt to get tax money.
  • Libertarians want to protect your Rights, not spend your tax money.
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Campaign Contact Information
Website: http://hometown.aol.com/sweeney34ohiorep/rightsindex.html
E-mail: sweeney34ohiorep@aol.com

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