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Smart Voter Political Philosophy for Patrick F. Quealy

Candidate for
State Representative; District 33

This information is provided by the candidate

I embrace the political philosophy of libertarianism. A quick, but not entirely accurate, way to describe libertarianism is economic conservatism and social liberalism. Put another way, libertarians believe in both individual responsibility and tolerance.

My guiding principle, both in politics and in my personal life, is that the unprovoked initiation of force is never justified. People should be allowed to live their lives unhindered, so long as they do not do anything to abridge others' rights to do the same.

I believe that individuals must be allowed to run their own lives. They should be allowed to eat and drink what they will, medicate themselves as they see fit, send their children to a school whose values coincide with their own, and make money without having a great deal of it redistributed by wasteful government programs.

Problems can and usually should be solved without recourse to government. Private charities are preferable to welfare. Privatization is preferable to taxation. Changing minds and hearts is preferable to trying to legislate morality. Free trade is preferable to quotas and regulations.

Most of the time, government is the cause of -- and not the solution to -- our problems.

Detailed explanations of my positions on issues can be found on my campaign website.

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