Los Angeles County, CA November 7, 2000 Election
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You and I follow the rules, politicians get away with anything

By Mark Allen Selzer

Candidate for Member of the State Assembly; District 42

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We need clear rules, laws, limits for politicians. Everything we do has limits. Politicians have none.
An unlimited, unregulated anything is not good. But in this society we allow politicians to go without clear rules and limits to what they can do, how much money they can take from us, what they can regulate and what they can make laws about. You have to follow the rules, I have to follow the rules, but politicians have no rules. This threatens our security as a culture. It threatens our constitution that has kept us safe in our homes. Libertarians want to make some rules for the politicians. We are here to bring order to political life. If you want more information about the Libertarian Party go to http://www.lp.org or HarryBrowne.org or call 1-800-elect-us or 1-800-777-2000. Or call me at home at 323-469-5372. Mark Selzer

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