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Marin, Sonoma County, CA November 7, 2000 Election
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Candidate for
Member of the State Assembly; District 6

This information is provided by the candidate

Richard Olmstead is the Libertarian Candidate for the 6th Assembly District.

Why is Richard Olmstead seeking election to represent the 6th Assembly District?

Do you believe and support the Constitution of the United States Of America? Do you believe that Government has been and is now eroding Citizen's rights as provided for in the Constitution? I DO!

I believe elected officials should represent not govern. Their job is to protect those rights! I am just the person if elected to represent not govern, and protect those rights!

My first goal upon being elected is to return all Property Taxes to the Counties. Absolutely none of this Tax money should be going to Sacramento, where it now just disappears into the General Fund. By keeping Property tax money in the Counties the people there will be able to regain local control of their Schools, Police & Fire Protection, Road & Street lighting repairs. Everything that Property Taxes are intended to provide.

I support Charter Schools, Technical Schools, Voucher System (one that can be used for Public or Private Schools). Anything and everything needed to improve our Education System. A system now, that just does not work!

I do not support Proposition 39 to lower the 2/3 vote to 55% vote on Tax and Bond issues. By lowering the votes needed to pass these issues the power of the people to keep Government costs down, would be lost.

I support all Highway and Road improvements through out the District. I believe the Tax money is already there, we just need an elected official to get the Tax money out of the General Fund, and used only for what it was intended.

I do not support the Counties of Marin & Sonoma going into the Railroad business. This nothing but a Boondoggle, that will be a drain on Tax money forever. We now subsidize ad Mass Transit System (BART). Bart needs to be extended to the North Bay area as originally planned.

In essence I believe the people of the 6th District, for the last 6 years have not been represented in Sacramento. I want to change that!

I believe I will, if elected, truly represent the people of the 6th Assembly District. I am the person to do just that!

VOTE for OLMSTEAD 6th Assembly District November 7, 2000

Richard Olmstead
Libertarian Candidate 6th Assembly District

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