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The Economy and Trade

By Gail Katherine Lightfoot

Candidate for United States Senator

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Discusses trade, immigraton, labor and business, your freedom to succeed.
"The baker puts bread on your table,
not to feed your family, but to feed his own.
-- Adam Smith (1723-1790)

The government should stop punishing hard work with taxes and let us work to increase our wealth.

Trade with other nations protects us from the constant fear of war. Trade builds bridges of mutual self interest. Let people import and export the goods and material needed for their business.

Most Favored Nation status, The North American Free Trade Agreement and the World Trade Organization are good examples of government interference, not free trade.

The 50 states are not worried about trade deficits across their borders. They compete for businesses and jobs. The same principle applies world wide.

No one permanently loses a job because someone else is given a job. Whether jobs go overseas or down the block the end result is greater productivity and more jobs. Everyone benefits from goods and services crossing borders between towns, cities, counties, states, and nations.

We have a natural right to move about this earth. Governments cannot legitimately take that right from us. Open borders encourage others to go where they can create better lives for themselves.

Immigrants bring skills and trades we need to keep our economy growing. Open our borders to those who seek a better life in freedom. If we object to welfare then let's object to welfare not immigration.

Labor and business must cooperate to build productivity. Workers become investors in business and owners invest in workers.

Most government policies drain our country's wealth. Consider the cost of the War on Drugs. Volunteer treatment programs turning substance abusers into sound citizens are far superior to any prison sentence, at a much lower cost to us all.

What kind of world would you rather have?

One where the federal government makes all our decisions for us. Or one where we are all free to make mistakes and achieve greatness.

I prefer a world where I have the opportunity to succeed or fail on my own merits.

Gail Lightfoot

California Libertarian for U.S. Senate, 2000

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