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The questions were prepared by the League of Women Voters of Ohio and asked of all candidates for this office.

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Questions & Answers

1. Should the United States pay all its dues to the United Nations as was originally agreed upon in its charter?

As a Signatory to the UN charter, United States has a binding legal responsibility to pay its full dues or risk losing its voting rights in the UN General Assembly. The United States, as the wealthiest nation and the sole superpower, must support international institutions that advocates social progress, higher standard of living for families and education for children; promotes cooperative relations among nations, carries out peacekeeping and humanitarian operations and protects the environment. Only after paying our dues, can the US regain its leadership role, credibility and leverage to demand reforms that will result in a more efficient organization.

2. What specific measures, if any, would you support to reform health care?

The U.S. must provide affordable, quality health care to all citizens and guarantee their right to pursue a coarse of treatment recommended by their physician. This includes: 1) protecting a patient's right to choose a doctor; 2) requiring medical decisions be made by doctors, not insurance companies; 3) ensuring equal coverage for mental and physical health benefits; 4) providing Medicare funding for home-based care; 5) enforcing criminal background checks on LTC employees and report cards on facilities; and 6) simplify enrollment of families with children eligible for the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

3. What measures, if any, would you support to reform our campaign finance system?

Campaigns must be financed only by individuals in limited amounts and the public treasury at levels based on a state's population and media requirements. Limitations on soft money usage must include prohibiting elected officials and members of their staffs or representatives from making direct solicitations for soft money for party/non-party committees and issue advocacy/lobbying organizations. Acceptance of public funding would require participation in at least 2 joint appearances. To ensure equal TV time, broadcasters must grant candidates time 60 days prior to 70 an election as enforced through the FCC.

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