San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara County, CA March 7, 2000 Election
Smart Voter Political Philosophy for Joe Furcinite

Candidate for
United States Representative; District 22

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Political Philosophy

My political philosophy is based on 2 basic principles and 3 major documents. The first principle is that of freedom for the individual, and the second is that the individual must take responsibility for himself in order to ensure that freedom. When we look to government to "take care of us" we are giving up our freedom to gain security, and we will wind up with neither. The three documents that I look to are the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Holy Bible.

After years of studying the Bible and other religious, spiritual and philosophical works I am convinced that the founding fathers were Godly men and they built the foundations for this country on spiritual principles. We have deviated from the vision of the founding fathers and the principles around which they designed our government. If we don't get back to those principles soon, this country will fall prey to tyranny and freedom will be lost.

The founding fathers knew that power corrupts, and went to great lengths to avoid a large powerful central government. The purpose of government was to protect the rights of individuals. Unfortunately the powers that be of today pay little attention to the principles that this country was founded on. The force us to trade our freedom for a false security, and leave us with neither. As evident by such things as Ruby Ridge and Waco, they have turned Uncle Sam into Sammy The Bull!

Freedom Is Your Most Important Asset!

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