Alameda, Contra Costa County, CA March 7, 2000 Election
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Principles Over Politics

By Daryl I "Chili" Chilimidos

Candidate for State Senator; District 7

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The growing schism within the Republican Party can be attributed to their incumbents' failure to clearly lead. Some incumbents are so desperate to save their seats that they moderate their political positions; thereby alienating core Republican values.
Daryl acknowledges that there is a problem with(in) the Republican Party. It is a schism which is growing rapidly, splitting Republicans holding principles above politics from political members dealing politics over principles.

Generally, people no longer believe the Party is sincere about its beliefs. In fact, the Republican Party is definitely insincere with particular issues that originally created its appeal: smaller government, lower taxes, true equity among all people.

People remember such atrocious behavior as when the Republicans raised national taxes in 1990, and California State taxes in 1991, and further bowed to Clinton's big government in later budgets. It certainly appeared that the Republicans were not honest about their beliefs, nor their promises.

The Republican Party also has retreated from social issues, such as promoting a Pro-Life stance, and fighting anti-gun legislation. When doing such, the Party's politics are wrong. The Party's lifeline is snipped.

Hence, it becomes easier to understand why Republicans have alienated their most loyal supporters (middle-class). And it's shameful that the Party is failing to attract the most young voters.

It appears that (some) Republican incumbents are moderating their positions in hopes of saving their seats. All at the cost of doing business with Special Interest Groups and with Under-Class values in mind.

Special Interest Groups are those who care only about themselves. These groups may be found in the gay community,(e.g., NGLTF, ACT-UP, etc.) and definitely have an (open) agenda. They are openly accusing the Republicans as being out of touch, as they demand particularized legislation. They point to the strident legislation authored by Democrats as the building blocks to a sound political party, and society. Yet, they are misguided.

Other Special Interest Groups may be associated with Insurance Companies, and Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), and it has been shown that they have bought political influence (e.g., Proposition 30 & 31) from certain politicians. This type of behavior is the epitome of what politicians ought not to do; nor activity the Political Party ought to allow. The problem is that these type of politics lock the middle-class out and trivializes the importance and the effect of our U.S. Consitution.

Hence, the growing schism within the Republican Party between those who merely call themselves Republicans and those who are true Republicans have reached a point of an irreconcilable tear. This newsworthy watershed event is contributing to the formation of the Reform Party, as an off-shoot. Another off-shoot is the now-challenging of "Republican" incumbents by Republican political newcomers, who clearly stand for principles over politics.

My resolve lies in promoting Republican values: "equitable laws, equitably enforced (period)." This means that ALL people be treated equally, under the law.

Contrary to current politics - across both major parties -I would not legislate Under-Class values (defined as a lack of moral obligation, lack of social conformity, non-observation of rules, less value placed on correctness and restraint in matters of physical pleasure and sexuality, lack of discipline, etc.); but I would re-establish Middle-Class values (defined as those bedrock principles that built America and which are personified in the Traditional Family, and blue-collar worker) by attacking, via formal legal argument and legislation, the cancerous growth of this so-called "feel-good" social engineering legislation.

I say: if one is to be a Republican, then be right; likewise, if one is going to be a Democrat, then be left.

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