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San Mateo County, CA March 7, 2000 Election
Measure A
Special Tax
San Mateo County Service Area # 1

2/3 Vote Required

956 / 73.9% Yes votes ...... 338 / 26.1% No votes

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Shall Resolution No. 63236 of the County of San Mateo imposing an annual special tax for fire protection and extended police services according to the schedule therein be approved?
Resolution No. 63236 Exhibit A Parcels of real property within the San Mateo County Services Area No. 1 not exempted by law from ad valorem property taxes, shall be taxed according to the following schedule but not to exceed the rate set forth below.

Type of Property All Parcels not exempted by law from ad valorem property taxes Maximum Amount/Year $65.00 per parcel

Meaning of Voting Yes/No
A YES vote of this measure means:
A "yes" vote on this measure would allow the continuation of a special tax to be levied on property within the boundaries of the San Mateo County Service Area No. 1 at a rate no greater than $65 per parcel per year.

A NO vote of this measure means:
A "no" vote on this measure would not allow the special tax to be levied.

Impartial Analysis
On December 7, 1999, pursuant to Government Code section 50075, the Board of Supervisors of the County of San Mateo adopted a resolution to levy a special tax on property located in County Service Area No. 1 for fire protection and police services. Section 50075, et. seq. requires that the proposition for a special tax be submitted to the voters of the District for approval.

A special tax for these services has been levied since 1982, and most recently received voter approval in 1996. Presently, the Board of Supervisors determines the precise amount of the tax annually with a maximum rate of $65 per year per parcel. The special tax would continue to be levied for a period of four more years, commencing July 1, 2000 and ending June 30, 2004, and would be collected by the San Mateo County Tax Collector at the same time as and along with the general ad valorem taxes. The special tax would be subject to the same penalties as the general ad valorem tax, and the special tax and penalty shall bear interest at the same rate as the rate for unpaid ad valorem property taxes until paid. All property which otherwise would be exempt from property taxes will also be exempt from the imposition of the special tax.

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Text for Measure A
If you desire a copy of the resolution, please contact the elections official's office at 650.312.5222 and a copy will be mailed at no cost to you.

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