San Francisco County, CA March 7, 2000 Election
Smart Voter Political Philosophy for Rodney Leong

Candidate for
Republican Central Committee; Assembly District 12

This information is provided by the candidate

I apologize for not getting my site up sooner. I'm involved in a lot of things. That's part of my philosophy. Get Involved!

I want Republicans to GET INVOLVED in all parts of City Government, both to persuade and to make decisions so that we will have at least some form of multi party consensus decision making (we don't have that now). I want Supervisors, Department Heads and Commission members to have some "R"s amongst them.

Even more importantly, I want City Republicans to GET INVOVED in party activities. It's important to let people know that the Republican Party actually exists in San Francisco and that we, as a group, make a difference. When we are seen as a popular party of action, more will follow and join us. San Francisco is one of the most diverse cities in the country. The Party reflects the views and makeup of the City. We need more active members that share in that philosophy, not ones that choose to divide and break President Reagan's 11th Commandment: "Thou shalt not speak ill of another Republican..."

There is a place at the table for every Republican. The challenge is to show our people to their chairs...

And lastly, I GET INVOLVED. How, you ask? Well, I get involved:

As a volunteer on George W. Bush's campaign walking precincts and participating in events. Serving as Vice-Chair of Communications for the San Francisco Republican Party, creating, reviving and updating our web site (http://sfgop.org) and making sure that City Republicans can contact us (info@sfgop.org). I have also maintained both e and snail mail lists so that we can effectively contact our members that are not on line. As Secretary of the California Chinese American Republican Association, I am part of the efforts to increase Chinese American involvement in the political process and to dispel the liberal myth that if you are of color, you are a democrat. I also represent San Francisco County at meetings of the California Republican Party and am a member of the San Francisco Young Republicans.

So that's what I do. And I'd like to continue the work. Re-elect Rodney Leong to the Republican Central Committee (http://sfgop.org/leong.html). Thank you.

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