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Orange County, CA March 7, 2000 Election
Measure J
Crest View Sales Tax Income
City of Huntington Beach

Advisory Vote Only

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ADVISORY VOTE ONLY. Shall 50% of the sales tax income from the Crest View site be spent to acquire, develop, improve, maintain sports fields for soccer, football,softball, baseball, and other sports; replace restrooms, bicycle/pedestrian trails, lighting, and showers on city beach; acquire senior center site; develop swim complex, and improve neighborhood parks and tot lots?
Impartial Analysis from City Attorney
The question of whether 50% of the sales tax income from the Crest View site should be spent on certain specific items is advisory only. The vote is not binding but serves merely to help the City of Huntington Beach gauge public support. The City Council may take whatever action it desires, or no action, regardless of the vote. Should the Council take action, it is not limited to the question as presented, and it may alter anything if it chooses to do so.

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MEASURE J is an advisory vote. A "NO" vote on Measure I would enable the residents of Huntington Beach to benefit from about $400,000 of new sales and property tax per year. Your "NO" vote on Companion Measure I would then allow local government to allocate those dollars to activities and groups mentioned in this advisory measure.

A "NO" vote on Companion Measure I, would continue the commercial zoning on the Talbert-Beach site and benefit children, seniors, and other related groups on a city-wide basis without a tax increase to local residents.

Please help us help the kids and the seniors and the rest of this community benefit from this windfall income to both the schools and the city. NO NEW TAXES, VOTE 'NO' ON COMPANION MEASURE I.

s/Tracy Pellman, School Board Member
s/Shirley Dettloff, City Council Member, Former Mayor
s/Thomas A. Shaw, Fire Captain
s/William T. Borden, Sr., Free Lance Writer Huntington Beach Wave
s/Pam Julien, City Council Member

The Council majority has placed this Measure before you in an attempt to influence your vote on the Crest View site. This "A dvisory Measure," is a sham, that the majority on the City Council concocted to deny us the right to a special election to decide the best use of the Crest View School site.

The people of the city gathered enough signatures to place the Crest View initiative on the ballot during a special election. The citizen's initiative rezones the Crest View School site to its original zoning - low density residential. The site is not appropriate for Wal-Mart or any big box retailer.

The special election should have been held in December 1999 or January 2000. The only way the council could delay the vote until March was to place another issue on the ballot. This "Advisory Measure" is that sham. The City Council majority believes they have a better chance of defeating the citizen's initiative now during the primary election than during a special election. This way, the Crest View initiative is buried in with all the other propositions on the ballot, rather than being the only issue.

Your vote on this "Advisory Measure" does not have the power to direct the City Council to do anything. Do you believe the majority on this City Council actually listens to the people of Huntington Beach? If the Council really cared about what the voters want then why isn't the result of this measure binding on the Council? The Council majority has manipulated the democratic process in an attempt to get their way. Don't be misled, Vote YES on the citizen's initiative to rezone the Crest View school site back to its original low density residential zoning.

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s/Connie Boardman, Crest View United-Huntington Beach Tomorrow
s/Dave Sullivan, Huntington Beach City Councilman
s/Robert Cronk, Crest View United
s/Barbara Boskovich, Crest View United
s/John F. Scott, South Huntington Beach Community Activist

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