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Orange County, CA March 7, 2000 Election
Measure I
Crest View School site Zoning Designation
City of Huntington Beach

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Shall the Ordinance to change the General Plan Designation of the Crest View School site from CG-F1 (Commercial General with a maximum floor area ratio of 0.35) to RL-7 (Residential with a maximum of 7 dwelling units per net acre), and to change the Zoning Designation of the Crest View School site from CG (Commercial General) to R-L (Low Density Residential) be adopted?
Official Sources of Information
Impartial Analysis from City Attorney
This ballot measure is an initiative ordinance that would amend the City's General Plan and Zoning Ordinance as it pertains to the Crest View School site. The General Plan designation for the site would be changed from CG-F1 (Commercial General with a maximum floor area ratio of 0.35) to RL-7 (Residential with a maximum of 7 dwelling units per net acre). The zoning designation of the site would be changed from CG (Commercial General) to RL (Low Density Residential). These changes limit the future development of the site to low density residential uses. A vote of the people would be required in order to change the general plan and zoning designations of the site from those provided by this measure. If this measure is adopted, and a court later invalidates a portion of the measure, that portion shall be severed and have no effect on the remainder of the measure.

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Arguments For Measure I Arguments Against Measure I
We would all agree that Huntington Beach has been having a tough time as of late. And that there have been lots of changes too. Unfortunately some of those changes have not been for the better. In fact, some of those changes have been down right hurtful. Take the proposed Crest View Retail Project for example. Over 22,500 of Huntington Beach's registered voters have asked OUR City Council to reverse it's decision to move forward on a Wal-Mart in a residential neighborhood. They didn't. We asked the City Council to consider other projects that weren't as destructive, that would raise more funds for our schools, create good paying jobs, and bring in more taxes. They won't. The Council claims that Wal-Mart's 145,000 square-foot building will bring in $400,000 per year for 25 years. But why did they turn down a project that would have brought in $568,000 per year for 30 years? Or one involving a grocery store that would have given our schools $864,000 per year? The council also claims that this Aircraft Carrier sized Wal-Mart will generate $400,000 in annual tax dollars. Yet, research by the Planning Commission Chairman showed the income would be less than half the city's estimate. That's strange. If building a Wal-Mart isn't about taxes, or better schools, or a better Huntington Beach, don't we have to wonder, what IS it about? It is clear that it is time we take back our City. Good things can come from hard times. If we stand together we can make OUR Huntington Beach a better place to live, to go to school, to play, to work. Let's fight together for a Huntington Beach worth living in. Vote YES on Measure I.

s/Connie Boardman, Crest View United - Huntington Beach Tomorrow
s/Dave Sullivan, Huntington Beach City Councilman
s/Sallie E. Dashiell, Huntington Beach High School District Trustee
s/John F. Scott, South Huntington Beach Community Activist
s/Sally Nielsen, Ocean View School District Teacher, Retired

"NO" vote on Measure I continues commercial zoning on the Talbert-Beach site. Commercial zoning guarantees that the Ocean View School District will get desperately needed funds to fix leaky roofs, heating, air conditioning, other repairs, and to purchase computers and technology upgrades. By law, the money cannot be spent on teachers or administrator's salaries. A "NO" vote will benefit children with no new taxes.

A "NO" vote gives an annual income of over $400,000 to the City of Huntington Beach. This money will be spent on our needs for kids, seniors, and public safety including money for police services, youth sports, repair and maintenance of our infrastructure, senior citizen programs, and improvements to our beaches and parks. WE WILL ENJOY THESE BENEFITS WITH NO INCREASE IN TAXES, IF YOU VOTE "NO" ON MEASURE I.

PLEASE, KEEP YOUR TAX DOLLARS IN HUNTINGTON BEACH. Huntington Beach loses $87 million annually in merchandise sales to places like Westminster Mall, Costco in Fountain Valley, Fashion Island in Newport Beach, and South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa. Huntington Beach lost Price Club (now Costco) to Fountain Valley and the Mall to Westminster. VOTE NO; LET'S NOT LOSE THIS ONE TOO.

The Ocean View School District supported commercial zoning on this site knowing that they have several other school sites available should enrollment increase. The Lessee of the site, Wal-Mart, has looked extensively for other locations. None are suitable for their needs. Huntington Center is not available since those owners will begin rebuilding soon and have long term contractual arrangements with other tenants.

A "NO" vote means better schools for our children and better services to the residents of Huntington Beach with NO NEW TAXES to the residents of our city.

s/Pam Walker, President, Ocean View School District
s/Robert L. Traver, Chairman of Board of Chamber of Commerce
s/Ralph H. Bauer, Council Member, Former Mayor
s/Chuck Beauregard, Founder Save Our Kids
s/Pat Davis, Senior Citizen Advocate

Text for Measure I

The People of the City of Huntington Beach do ordain as follows:

1. The Land Use Element of the City's General Plan is hereby amended to change the general plan designation for the 13.89 acre site located on the South side of Talbert Avenue described in City Council Resolution 98-95 from CG-F1 (Commercial General with a maximum floor area ratio of 0.35) to RL-7 (residential with a maximum of 7 dwelling units per net acre).

2. The City's Zoning and Subdivision Ordinance is hereby amended by amending District Map 40 (Sectional District Map 36-5-11) to rezone the property described above from CG (General Commercial) to R-L (Low Density Residential).

3. The above may not be amended except by vote of the people.

4. Should any provision or application of the above be invalidated by a court of law, it shall be severed and have no effect on the remainder of this ordinance.

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