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Role of the Judiciary

By John Ladner

Candidate for Judge of the Municipal Court; Los Angeles Judicial District, Office No. 1

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Thoughts on the role of the judiciary--our third branch of government.
The judiciary's foremost role as the third branch of our government is to defend and uphold the United States Constitution and assure the rule of law prevails. Under that general duty and mandate, the everyday work of the judiciary reflects to some extent the level of a court's or judge's jurisdiction. However, a pervasive element in the judiciary's role at every level is the protection of each person's Constitutional, human, civil and legal rights. The judiciary also has an essential role in protecting us from the wrong-doing of others, protecting the weak from the strong, the powerless from the powerful as well as protecting individuals from the unwarranted or unlawful exercise of power by the State. Moreover, the judiciary plays a crucial role in securing domestic tranquility by providing a structured institutionalized forum for the resolution of discord and dispute and the vindication of civil and criminal wrong-doing.

I believe the rule of law is essential in the creation, preservation and advancement of a civilized society. When judges responsively punish wrongs, protect rights and resolve discord by thoughtful, independent and unbiased application of our laws, our justice system secures the freedoms, tranquility and equality that foster a social environment wherein man's highest aspirations and evolution can be realized. Working to ensure our laws are applied to all in a fair, reasoned and understandable manner, judges can insill confidence that allegience to--and reliance on--the law and legal process is our best hope for achieving the fullest measure of human justice, social harmony and progress.

In the courtroom judges have a vital role in creating a forum where those finding themselves in the justice system (or observing its impact) recognize the Court provides the framework within which individuals will get protection, redress and resolution of disputes and conflicts that can not be effectively and peacefully settled elsewhere. In the intense clamor of competing interests, a judge's role is to be a fair, firm and calm advocate--not for one side or the other--but for the law and justice. By listening patiently and carefully, following the law, and clearly articulating the basis of decisions, a judge can instill respect for and appreciation of the law. By assuring all who come before the court are treated with dignity, equality and an appreciation for human diversity, the judiciary can demonstrate that the protections and sanctions in the law exist for all of us.

My daily goal is to translate these principles into action in my courtroom.

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