Contra Costa County, CA March 7, 2000 Election
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Why I Am Running

By Sean White

Candidate for Supervisor; County of Contra Costa; District 2

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Get Big Money Out of Politics and Stop Sprawl
Above all else, I am running to put a stop to suburban sprawl in Contra Costa County.

Born and raised here, I am saddened by the fact that this county will look like L.A. in another ten or twenty years if the county government continues to permit annexations and rezoning of wild and farm lands for new subdivisions.

What I think we need most from our county government is (1) basic honesty and integrity; and (2) steadfast opposition to any and all suburban sprawl.

On Integrity: You the citizen should be able to know what I am really about. County Supervisors who claim to care about the quality of life here should not be taking campaign contributions from developers or oil refineries, period. Accordingly, I will not accept any money from developers, PACs, or corporations; and I will accept no more than $100 from anyone. As a Supervisor I will push for Contra Costa to have the strictest campaign finance laws in California.

On Sprawl: As a fifth generation West County resident and a small business owner, I know of no one other than developers who does not want to stop suburban sprawl. Counties throughout California are taking aggressive positions against sprawl, but our county's Board of Supervisors continues to quietly sell out to developers, such as their recent agreement to let Orinda's city council annex and permit developers to subdivide the Gateway Valley, a greenbelt which currently separates our county from Oakland. This has got to stop. Say no to LosAngelesization. No more development of virgin lands. I will fight to freeze zoning on wild and farm lands and oppose all annexations which lead to more suburban sprawl. In return, I will actively support redevelopment in already paved urban and suburban communities that need it.

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