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November 2, 1999 Election
Smart Voter

Sonoma County Ballot

Combined ballot

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Categories shown below:
School | Special District | Local Measures
Contests for all precincts in Sonoma County, CA combined are shown below.

Polling Location on November 2:

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Governing Board Member; Laguna Joint School District

  • Keith Alan Soreng
    6 votes 100.0%
  • Frances Beretta
    0 votes 0.0%

Governing Board Member; Union Joint School District

  • Lori Glenn
    16 votes 94.1%
  • Charles Belford
    1 votes 5.9%

Special District

Director; Bennett Valley Fire Protection District (3 Elected)

  • Matt Phillips
    257 votes 30.1%
  • Lee O. Liddell
    235 votes 27.5%
  • Nola Stans
    164 votes 19.2%
  • Shalimar Vavra
    120 votes 14.1%

Director; Glen Ellen Fire Protection District (3 Elected)

Director; Camp Meeker Recreation and Park District (2 Elected)

  • Catherine J. Anderson
    105 votes 46.7%
  • Lori K. Ford
    101 votes 44.9%
  • Henry C. Baker, Sr.
    18 votes 8.0%

Director; Monte Rio Recreation and Park District (3 Elected)

  • Stephen K. Baxman
    142 votes 34.2%
  • Adel Rusanowski
    102 votes 24.6%
  • Victoria Venter
    92 votes 22.2%
  • Charles E. Kieffer
    79 votes 19.0%

Director; Sweetwater Springs Water District (2 Elected)

  • Phil E. Guidotti
    506 votes 47.2%
  • Terri Lynn Reynor
    300 votes 28.0%
  • Catherine E. Corriea
    257 votes 24.0%

Local Measures

Measure A School Improvement Bond -- Twin Hills Union School District
908 / 77.9% Yes votes ...... 258 / 22.1% No votes
Shall the Twin Hills Union School District be authorized to finance renovation and improvements for health and safety at Apple Blossom and Twin Hills schools, including major repairs to leaking roofs and windows, aging plumbing electrical, heating and ventilation systems and restrooms; replacing deteriorating portables with permanent classrooms, making road entrances safer, and for acquisition and improvement of real property for authorized school purposes, by issuing $4,000,000 of bonds bearing interest at rates within the statutory maximum?

Measure B Fire Protection Tax -- Valley of the Moon Fire Protection District
2,403 / 78.8% Yes votes ...... 645 / 21.2% No votes
Shall Ordinance No. 26-R of the Valley of the Moon Fire Protection District authorizing imposition of a special tax having a maximum rate of $10.00 per unit of risk for providing authorized services and exercising the other rights and powers of the District and increasing the District's appropriations limit to permit spending of the revenue raised by the special tax be approved?

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