San Mateo County, CA November 2, 1999 Election
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Additional Endorsements for Nadia V. Holober

Candidate for
Council Member; City of Millbrae


This information is provided by the candidate

"We endorse Nadia Holober for City Council"

Congressman Tom Lantos
Congresswoman Anna Eshoo
Attorney General Bill Lockyer
State Senator Jackie Speier
Assemblyman Ted Lempert
Assemblyman Lou Papan
Supervisor Mary Griffin
Supervisor Jerry Hill
Supervisor Rose Jacobs Gibson
Supervisor Richard Gordon
Supervisor Mike Nevin
Sheriff Don Horsley
County Treasurer Lee Buffington
Community College Trustee Richard Holober
Community College Trustee Patricia Miljanich
Millbrae School District Trustee Caroline Shea
Peninsula Hospital District Trustee Vince Muzzi
Millbrae Police Officers Association
Millbrae Fire Fighters Association
San Mateo County Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO
San Mateo County Times
San Mateo County Chapter, National Women's Political Caucus

Rose Aguis, Millbrae Sister City Committee
Mary and Phil Alotis
Sharon Ambra
Doris Armenta
David Aro
Dennis Arreola
Bart Bartholomew
Vera Beale
Bill Bevington
Don Beyer
Mariella Birkle
Virginia Blest
Ginger Bommarito, Vice-Chair, Millbrae Senior Advisory Committee
Edwin Bonavia, Millbrae Sister City Committee
Steve and Carmel Borella
Betty Borjas, Millbrae Senior Advisory Committee
Hank Borjas
John and Joan Brucato
Vern Bruce, 1999 Millbrae Man of the Year
Dora and Joe Bruno
Suzanne Brunzie
Dave and Janiece Bruzzone
Alice Bulos
Viola Burdick
Doug Button
Gina Cabal
James Caccia
Diana Candee
Dan and Stephanie Capodanno
Kathleen Castro
Frank and Melba Catania
Jill CdeBaca
Ray Celeste
Pat Chang
Susan and Mark Charles
Ben and Elyse Cheevers
Jackie Child
Tom Coletti
Chris Cook
George Corey
Alma Cozzolino
Don and Kathy Craighead
Pat Crowley
Jennifer Crutchfield
Tony and Lysette Cukar
Jeannette Dane
Eunice Danli
Debi Davallou
Tom Dawdy, Millbrae Sister City Committee
Nancy DeBiagio
Carmen Deguara
Carla Del Carlo
Ann Del Carlo
Arvid Desai, Millbrae Tourism Committee
Jack Ditty
Richard Dixon
Donna Eghbal
Ann England
Bernie Esser, Past Mayor of Millbrae
Peter Evenhuis, Millbrae Tourism Committee
John Falsarella, Past Recipient, Millbrae Man of the Year
Julie and Dale Ferrel
Marlene and Louis Ferrigno
Kathy and Paul Francheschi
Ronald Frediani
Chiara Fuscaro
Joseph Galu
Manny Garcia, Millbrae Community Preservation Commission
Jack Gardner, Chair, Millbrae Senior Advisory Committee
Bob and Rose Garrison
May Gee
Margaret Golden
Barry Gould, Millbrae Arts Commission
Sam Grado
Gayle Grinsell, Millbrae Community Preservation Commission
Tim Guiney
Lena Gutierrez
Tom Hagerty
Val Hardwick
John F. Henning
Smith Higgins
Noah Hinojosa
Gene and Janice Hintermann
Russ and Sue Hoem
Joseph Hogan
Amy and Jim Jacobs
Diane Jerrold
Robert and Emily Jorge
Debi and Dean Knecht
Noreene Koan
Marian Kong
Stan Kroner
Victor and Stella Kyriakis
Randy Lask
Bob and Mary Lazarus
Hayden Lee
Carolyn Livengood
Mario and Barbara Lombardi
Rocky Lombardi, Past Recipient, Millbrae Man of the Year
Richard Lott
Robert Lustenberger, Millbrae Park and Recreation Commission
George Lynch, Jr., Chair, Millbrae Park and Recreation Commission
Christine Macioce
Lee Mahon
Marcella Mahoney
Woody Mansergh
Darlene and Jack Marquard
Ted Marsh
Steve and Beverly Maschio
Janis Masyk-Jackson
Josh and Linda Maule
Teri Meyer
Mercedes Miller
Laverne and Louis Mione
Stephanie Modica
Jane Montgomery
Alice Mundstock
John Musante, Millbrae Planning Commission
Belinda and Robert Myers
Ralph Nobles
Tim O'Connell
Irene Papan
Michelle Parres
Candy Parrish
Yani Paydo
Evenald Penzel
Ray Perry
Judy Tiscornia Pettee
Kenneth and Brenda Phelps
Alan Poletti
Cathy Quigg, Millbrae Planning Commission
Bill Raffin
Walt Ramseur, Millbrae Aircraft Noise Advisory Committee
Pat Realini
Brendan Rechsteiner
Rich Reising
Lennie Roberts
Jamie Ronzani
Carmen Rosales, Past Recipient,Millbrae Woman of the Year
Stewart Ruggles,Past Recipient,Millbrae Man of the Year
Andrew Ruiz, Millbrae Park and Recreation Commission
Manuel Sanchez
Michael Sanfilippo
Christina and Carlos Santos
Gary Saunders
Joseph Scott
Steve Sena
Marvel Sherrill
Joan and John Sherry
Peter and Susan Shirk
Linda Siguenza, Millbrae Park and Recreation Commission
Mike Simonini
David Slosberg, Millbrae Community Foundation
Patsy and Pat Spiers
Bud Steinberg
Evelyn Szelenyi
Shari and Joe Teresi
Irene Thommen, Past Recipient, Millbrae Woman of the Year
Jack Thrush
Jim and Margot Toomey
Helen Trieu
Bob Turley
Dave and Vicki Tyree
Sherry and Bob Vockel
Vera Wall
Marianne Waterman
Marion and John Whitehorn
Denise Williams
Jerry Wisecup, Millbrae Arts Commission
Ann and Kevin Wollen
Kathi Woodall
Daphna Zipkin

(partial listing - organizations listed for identification purpose only)

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