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San Francisco Political News Column
September 19, 1999
The League of Women Voters of San Francisco received bad review for the chaotic Mayoral debate at Mission High School. ACLU questioned the exclusion of the eleven

candidates , out of the 14 total. They are trying to make up the lost debate opportunity

by scheduling a half hour interview with the rest of the eleven candidates. SF Neighborhoods

Alliance for political awareness refused to co-sponsor with the League of Women Voters on

an upcoming round table discussion on September 29, 1999, 7 pm to 9 pm, at the Hall of Flowers,

Golden Gate Park, Lincoln at 9th Avenue. Take notice this is not a debate, but a showmanship

of discussion, which will make the incumbent look like an incumbent. A parade of different sexy

women do visit Willie Brown's apartment, it is less now, maybe is campaign period.

Clint Reilly reportedly paid a decent sum of money to the SF GOP, but still get no

endorsement. He is mad. The GOP slate card will be no endorsement for the Mayor, but

came out against the incumbent. Jordan got the highest votes from the GOP, but still can't muster

enough votes for the endorsement, this could spell the end of his campaign. There are

two committee persons are on Reilly's campaign payroll, and are disqualified to vote.

The only way for the minor candidates to be heard is to attack the incumbent only, and dig

up some real facts against him. Lucrecia's people at the second debate deviate from Plan A,

but to their secret Plan B without telling others. Bill Fazio is running hard for the DA office

again, and this time will be close once again.

September 9, 1999
The second Mayoral debate has the incumbent gaining a slight edge, he brought in a larger contingent of supporters than any other candidates. The supporters are

mainly African Amercans, some city employees and Muni drivers. Some might be

from the gangs and bullies; you feel uneasiness and threat of violence. Cat calls,

criminals, SeaCliffs were hurled at Reilly. The noise from the audience prevented

the candidates to hear the questions, the incumbent at one point totally didn't hear

Isabel Duron, the veteran emcee's question. Jordan slipped a little from the first debate,

and the least amount of supporters showing up, Neil Eisenberg was there with him.

The incumbent's supporters who shown up are, Esther Hwang (the sexy former

secretary), Tom Chin, Rose Pak (who was seemingly orchestrating the big muscle boys

chant of four more years), Arnold Chin, Mabel Teng...

The place holds about 600 plus people, and about 100 people were turned away. Most

who were turned away are anti-incumbent, some of his supporters were led in earlier, a

clear discrimination against non-Brown supporters.

Reilly weren't answering the questions directly and precisely, but brought to the audience

good preaching of his platforms and issues, but the hooligans weren't giving him any courtesy.

There were over 30 policemen there, and the planned ambush were changed. The Lucrecia's

gangs were the most vocal and stand up for the excitement and interruption of the evening,

there were some beatings and the whole gang were ejected, but no arrest, one supporter lost

his keys. Mei-Ling Sze asked the most pressing and intelligient questions of the evening, one

was separation of big business political campaign money from soft money, and why contracts

were given to them. Jordan and his wife, Wendy Paskin are inviting all the Republican County

Committee members to their Fillmore Street house for cocktail, yes, is tonight, you might make

it if you read this column on time. More to come soon.

September 1, 1999
The debate between the top three contenders of the 1999 Mayoral race here in San Francisco was packed to the full house,

with about 400 people and 200 being turned away. The incumbent

clearly have nothing to gain but everything to lose. I know the incumbent

is running scare, he is attending all types of events for the last year. I am

calling for the medical reports to be released by all candidates. I gave Reilly

the edge, he is the least known and showed some qualities. I predict Jordan

will bow out the race and endorse Clint Reilly. This race will cost Reilly

$3 million if he wants to win, with the run-off election, it will cost a few

more millions. I suggest campaign donors to withhold their contributions,

let the slug matches to take its course, then play the post-election run-off

game. There was a meeting called by Martin Eng to the eleven lesser

candidates to plan a strategy on how to deal with the exclusion from the debates,

six people shown up, with 4 candidates. Carlos Petroni and his Frontline's

editor, Mark O'Hara's campaign manager, Joyce Dattner and assistant Craig

Wilson, Jim Reid and me. I have to admire Bermudez's courage for jumping

onto the stage and got arrested, maybe this will get her more Lesbian and Latina

votes. Most candidates brought their own supporters, and not too many

average innocent Mr. & Mrs. Joe Public are in the audience. The debate obviously

is a great success by the sponsoring clubs. The media took up about 22% of the

audience, and mainly ignoring the lesser known candidates which were excluded.

The Attorney General has jurisdiction over investigation on election illegality, but

honest Republican Dan Lungren is no longer in office, and ran a dump campagin

against Democrat Gray Davis, the former lowly assistant to Oakland Mayor

Jerry Brown. A new photo-journalist who is an attractive Asian female really got

her way around shooting photos, only the guys are polite to her, the other women

photographers will fight and shove. Photos of the debate will be up soon.

Jim Reid is a gay candidate, which he will draw heavily from Castro. J.R. Manual

is African American, who will take away some black votes from Brown, and claimed

the FBI was called by the blacks, who are mad at this incumbent Mayor acting too

much white. The 49'ers stadium election was clearly a fraud perpetrated, and the case

is still being investigated. The Muni is still a mess, the attitude of the drivers must

change, if the Union power is not reduced, these drivers are really difficult to be fired.

Cable car ticket operators are stealing the cash ticket they are selling, and a method to

prevent further theft must be implemented.

August 22, 1999

The Internet will play a new role in all future political campaigning. I am harvesting the voters email addresses and phone numbers.

Jim Reid is passing out flyers in CCSF; Cesar has many posters out, and using trucks with his huge billboard around towns; Clint is still doing his own thing, recently mailed out a 16 colorful pages of six San Franciscans with some name recognition. Willie is running scare, trying to sign up black voters everywhere, even in county jails. Jordan is hooking with a tough lawyer Neil Eisenberg. Joel Ventresca refused to believe that he is a minor candidate. Max Wood commute from his second home, recovering from his injury to go back to work as a cable car operator. Mark O'Hara has the best looking site with his money, did it mostly himself and some helps. A.D.Wyatt is one of the best looking candidate. J.R. Manuel said the best way to win is to whip the ass of the incumbent. David Martz is a Republican, but refused to be counted as one who want the incumbent out, a new comer to town and a lawyer. William Felzer is the oldest of the bunch running, keep on saying may the best talent wins, that is never the case. I still haven't met Lucrecia Bermudez, campaigning by Carlos Petroni, owner of Frontline.

Night stalls in Chinatown can't really save Chinatown night business, only the re-build of the Embarcader Freeway will do, but that will never happen. The downtown interests want to keep the freeway down.

The goal of all candidates except for two or more is to defeat the current incumbent at all cost, anyone but Willie. If he is lucky, he will become a lameduck Mayor, and become 71 years of age when he leaves office. He will not be eligible to run again, and no accountability whatsoever to anyone. If this current Mayor is not defeated for re-election, if he has no shame to be a criminal on the history book of politics, he can be more balant in possible administrative corruption, and if he is guilty, it will take years for him to be convicted.

I suggest all 13 candidates do the following:

1. how to maximaze votes for all candidates to ensure there is a runoff.
2. synergize the efforts of all.
3. joint effort to force a debate.
4. form a Coalition of Mayoral candidates.
5. endorse a runoff candidate as a unified group.
6. to force more media coverage.
7. using the court system if necessary.
8. keep the pressure on the FBI investigation.
9. put up a huge reward for information.

Here are some notes from the meeting I called on Friday 13, 1999, in which six candidates shown up. A.D. Wyatt Norton, Jim Reid, Lucrecia Bermudez (represented by manager), J. R. Mauel, and William Felzer.

We informally agreed not to attach each other, but have a common goal to remove the incumbent, and to endorse and throw our support all together for the runner up to go against the incumbent. I also suggest not to mention the top three challengers names, simply refer to them as the incumbent, the former mayor, and the former campaign consultant.

I and some of you suggested we could have our own debate(s), inviting the public and our supporters, and do a mock debate with actors playing the absentee incumbent and so on.

The name for this group is Coalition of mayoral challengers 99. We are like hyenas, which can kill a lion.

I predict the FBI investigation will derail the incumbent re-election, it can haunt him for years.

I received about 45,000 votes back in the late 1980s in a Board of Education election . When Ben Tom lost his supervisorial races, his margin of loss was close to the number of votes that I received.

The post-Brown era already begins, the scramble to the fragmented power are already underway. District elections will produce new faces and give many new comers a chance.

The central theme of my campaign is to seek and encourage the incumbent's closest friends to turn against him, into prosecution witnesses and to encourage all citizens to come forward with evidences. Only huge amount of reward money will turn people with the incriminating evidences into a responsible citizen, saving San Francisco taxpayers money. I encourage Clint Reilly and Frank Jordan to contribute $2 million into this reward fund, and all the rest of the candidates, plus all the good conscientious voters.

The incumbent claimed to be a good friend of a convicted felon, Charlie Walker, who owns two companies and is a controversial trucking contractor.

Walker served three years in state prison on a conviction around in the 1980's, for abusing city minority-contracting programs in a scheme court records show.

Walker's firm has obtained an $825,000 trucking subcontract on the airport reconstruction, and a $10 million trucking subcontract on the BART airport extension. Both subcontracts were allocated under programs to benefit minority-owned businesses, public records show.

Continue to encourage witnesses and best friends to come forward, to give criminal testimonies against the incumbent. Charlie Walker, Blanche Brown...are some of the closest people that can bring damaging evidences against the incumbent, and I see huge reward as the incentive. I predict he will not finished out his term if he get lucky and be re-elected. Criminal indictment still looms past Election Day. His health is a major issue. I challenge the incumbent to release his medical report by two independent doctors, which he is fit to finish out a second term and free of terminal diseases.

Keep the public pressure on the FBI investigation. Someone should implement sting operations somehow.

I will keep the option open on my campaign spending; it could be a decent amount of money, which can send home a strong message to all voters right on the eve before the Election Day, keeping the elements of surprise. The court is another option to ensure my fair share of the media coverage and an honest election without dead and repeated voters, which are bused in.

The FBI investigation is a dark horse; my unpredictable spending could be a factor. The Internet campaign is a factor.

What about the talk of keeping his lifestyle with the meager salary that the mayor is making? How is he coping with the low income he is making as mayor?

Debate is what he wanted when he is the challenger, now he doesn't want to have any debates.

Y2K readiness and preparation is important for a city this size, there is no cry for emergency backup.

Old age is a factor to be a responsible public official, and to finish out a term. I am calling the incumbent to release his medical report.

The Muni union power must be brought under control; salaries are the highest or at least the second in the nation. Overtimes are being abused. I will fix Muni in 90 days, which was a lie by the incumbent, the city charter guarantees the Muni workers 2nd highest paid transit workers in the nation, which can run about $80,000 per year. The incumbent gave the union another raise in an election year.

Streets can be kept cleaner by outlawing spitting and impose warnings and heftier fines.

All foreign bank accounts, medical examination reports, tax returns are to be released to the voters.

Julie Lee, Benny Yee, Pius Lee, Rose Pak, Ben Hom are just some of the Chinese leaders supporting the incumbent, which none of these leaders are elected in their respected community.

The incumbent claimed the mayor's lowly salary is inadequate for his lifestyle; but how did he manages. Did he keep any Foreign bank accounts?

All department employees and appointed positions that are $100,000 and over in salary are to be reviewed. I will abolish reverse discrimination, equal rights for whites.

49ers football stadium is a major flop, a waste of taxpayers money. I will prevent election fraud, like the Eddie Debartolo's 49ers football stadium ballot, although it passed with the smallest of vote margin, it is still being investigated. No doubt, some frauds were involved and admitted by the Department of Election, under Germaine Wong.

Asian trips that aren't fruitful for the city, but to bring business leaders to win contracts for themselves. I will not abuse my Mayoral power using Police escort as a mayor. PBS (Public Broadcasting Station) planned to have a series on Chinatown activist Rose Pak, but have to cancel because all frightful insiders afraid to talk, she is the secret Chinese power behind the mayor. Rose Pak caused the Chinese Hospital fundraising to be audited. The tow away of cars in tow away hours is more like a racket which produce incomes for sweetheart contractors but not reduction of traffic jams.

Reduce crimes and violence against riders on Muni and in low-income housing. Stop sweetheart contracts, like the French advertising company with all those toilets and newsstands on the streets.

"Star Wars" director George Lucas group needed to be monitored closely, he won the right to develop a chunk of San Francisco's Presidio, one of the crown jewels of American urban parkland.

August 4, 1999
The mayoral race cutoff date is August 6, although there are 29 people filed for intentions, but less than half will be candidates. Clinton Reilly will

dig deep into his personal pockets, whose net worth of well over $30 million

started from nothing. He spent over $1.3 million so far, and need a few million

to stay close. The incumbent raised just slightly below that amount, the difference

is that he don't have to put up any of his personal money, and have plenty unspent

funds. The poll shows the race is wide open. There should be a mayoral

runoff election on December 4, 1999.

Cesar Ascarrunz, is the first one who paid his almost $3,000 filing fees, he stopped

running for the last few terms. He made good money from his night clubs, he got

stopped for a night club permit at the former Dance-Your-Ass-Off, Columbus &

Lombard, but another evil club tenant is there now, making just as much noise

and create a dangerous nuisance at about 2 a.m. Late clubbers like to do hit and run

on people's houses. I know people who lost trees after trees by cars.

Julie Lee, whose tail being wagged, is supporting the incumbent, because she got a

little political appointment to the embattled Housing Agency. There are thousand of

jobs being appointed by the mayor, it is a job with plenty of dough to pass out to

friends, and fired your enemies. Rose Pak is still standing by the incumbent. Francis

Hseih was fired for supporting Reilly. Rose Chung declared her supervisorial candidacy

this early, she lives at Mason Street, near the Wharf, a district with an unknown incumbent.

Lawrence Wong, the beloved nephew of Harvey Wong, will make a run too.

Are the Chronicles and Examiner out to oust the incumbent? The Fang family took control

of the Independent newspaper distribution from the owner for nothing, at least almost nothing.

The victim have no money to sue the Fangs, who have big gun law firms, McCutchen, something.

I am sure I spelled it wrong.

Sinclair Louie is on the dying bed in Hawaii. House of Louie (unrelated)'s boss died at

the old age of 82 recently, with enough grown up children to take over the business at the

familiar Bryant Street. Doug Wong, the Port Executive director is a loyal Rose Pak boy,

got double salary raises after intervention from the mayor.

Why the mayor spend 15 minutes of locked office door, with instruction not to interrupt

when he is meeting the sex bomb Esther Hwang, she is Korean American, stripper, beauty

queen, and contestant in beauty contests.

Can the mayor survive the term if he is re-elected physically? His medical report should

be released to the public. The current FBI investigation of corruption in the mayor's appointees

in various agencies will result in some prison terms; foreign bank accounts are being

discovered. Dick Blum attended the Tung Chee-wah luncheon, for people who don't know

who these two are, Dick is the clever low profile husband of Diane Feinstein, who propelled

his almost zero net worth into hundred of millions, maybe in pural, I have no desire to

verify and audit his or their wealth. Tung is the Chief Executive Officer of Hong Kong, which

is part of China now. Talking about people spitting on the street, it is unusual to see anyone

else to spit except the older Chinese, I did saw a few middle aged ones, probably from

the mainland, I was amused to see a young black person spitted and snorted his nose,

entertaining and gross.

Arrogant Cafe Freddie has good competition from one block away, Taylor & Lombard.

North Beach is still the most difficult place to find free parking, the most expensive

place to park. The former Pagoda theater just couldn't have that old North Beach look

from the not so elegant re-construction, it is owned by Hong Kong's Asia TV's Lim,

whose bribery ordeal in Taiwan is not over, out on bail after a year in jail there.

There is a good chance that dangerous Bill Clinton will try to stay in office if Y2K

is out of control, declaring a national emergency, FEMA is one to watch out for.

It is a long time since I really try to put in some good stuffs. Asian Week has

racks in many places, cost is about $100 each, not that cheap, but some news

stands sell it. Traffic is a way of life, and high rents.

I shall return soon. Sleeping time.

February 19, 1999

Traffic jams is normal and is a way of life here in fun city.

There are over 500,000 commuters who come to downtown

to work. Muni is the main concern for the average voters.

The rotten attitude of the bus drivers because of the powerful

labor union backing, the charter guarantees them to be the second highest

pay transit workers in the nation, the gambling games the drivers

play at the end of the lines (especially line #15), the stealing of cash

by cable car conductors...have all contribute to the bad service.

Complaints against the drivers are almost fruitless, a kangaroo hearing.

Leland Yee's Chinese is not perfect, his closet aspiration to be mayor

is not closed officially for this year. Clint Reilly, the ever arrogant

dude want to be mayor, the lesser of the two evil, I might have no

choice but to support him. How he made over about $30 million dollars

is quite amazing, from a working boy. Mayor Brown is equally amazing,

from a dirt poor farm boy in Texas, threatening his way to become the

speaker of the assembly in California, reward his friends and punish his

enemies. It will be a colorful race, millions will be spent, tough on

people who are doing business with the city, like an invisible tax, you must

contribute and maybe to both sides too. #1 California bus seem to get the

most bus runs, it does run through some rich neighborhoods. #30 Stockton

bus which run through Chinatown, is getting the worst service and few attention

from city hall. The mayor has been banqueting often in Chinatown because

of the election, he heart is against the Chinese. The Chinese New Year's parade

is on Saturday evening, February 27, 500,000 people can be expected. North

Beach is a booming section in town, the toughest place to find parking and

one of the most expensive. The Port Commission is in the hand(s) of crafty

and money hungry commissioners, inviting hotel bidders to build on the

waterfront. The supervisors have a change of power. Mabel Teng will slip

further into the dim light. Julie Lee will have no sides left, she committed

political suicide by accepting the housing commissioner political appointment,

she is not electable anyway. Her main interest seem to protect real estate

holdings. The demolished Embarcadero Freeway really hurt Chinatown

evening business.

January 18, 1999
I have not update this column for quite awhile, the political dirt bags thought they can get away with many

things. Swiss bank accounts, gambling at the end of the

muni turn around lines, driving the city vehicles for personal

use, plenty of booze and so on. Doug Wong got his powerful

position and might be using it for something, the Port

Commission is going big business, with many foreign firms.

The Re-development agency hands out billion dollar real estate contract, the bribes should be a bundle too.

San Francisco rent continues to be high.

Bill Getty sold his penthouse condominium in San

Francisco Russian Hill for $15 million, the place is

not more than 5,000 square feet, his name and the

new money buyer who have only $100 million

windfall from selling his company is the new buyer,

who is obviously fascinated by his new money,

which is not much in the world of billionaires.

The gays are the strongest political group in town,

the Chinese still learning, and will never learn,

the group never know how to group.

The current mayor will have his age and physical

condition his biggest obstacles for re-election.

The new office is so cool and great looking, this

should motivate a few to run.

Clint Reilly, the hot headed millionaire will run for

mayor, he better spends at least 1 million of his own

money. Anyone but the incumbent, the hot head

stands a good chance to win.

December 6 1998

San Francisco budget is huge, billions of dollars per year, and many so-called minority

contractors bid for the projects. It is traffic jam

here in the city forever. Some think the freeways

getting torn down will stop more people from coming

are mistaken. Ex-mayor Frank Jordan should be done

politically, another run will be a waste of time. Clint

Reilly might stand a good chance, if he control his

temper and arrogance. The gays are in much better

control than the Asians here in the city. Rent control

is tough and many owners are leaving their units vacant.

November 11 1998

This is a tough city to run for office, you must wait for your turn. Republicans got completely

wiped out here, and that is normal. Gavin Newsom

got a little surprise himself; many hated Mabel Teng

from her own Chinese community. Rose Tsai did

a little worse than expected. Donna Casey can win

if she keep going, but it will be tiring. You must be

on most of those special interest slate cards and back door

negotiations. Quentin Kopp is over 70 years old, too old

to run? Client Reilly is a multi-millionaire, and should

have time to be the next mayor; the new office for

the mayor is the state of the art, completely wired for

telecommunication; I would like to toy there myself.

The mayor got pied and down to the ground. The

49'ers are not all that welcome in town, and the stadium

foes will continue to stop the $100 million tax-payers

money giveaway; Eddie Debartolo is officially a

convicted felon. SFNA is quiet and not doing everything politically correct, but still have some dynamites left.

No one dare to push Rose Pak off the Chinese

Chambers of Commerce, she selfishly play local

politics only, and could careless about the dying

Chinese in Indonesia. I predict the mayor is not

physically well to run for re-election, but I wish

him well, never curse others. The muni bus system

is bad, the black drivers are the rudest and careless

attitude; Chinese passengers would usually not move

to the back, partly out of fear or just being selfish.

I got on the bus, and too bad for you. A little black

boy once kick me in the butt while I was getting off,

and probably telling me to run for mayor. Black

terrors against Asians in the muni bus and the housing

projects continue unabated; federal investigation and

lawsuits have not gone anywhere. Affirmative actions

should be abolished, it is costing America hundreds of

billions already. Law against spitting like in

Singapore is not out of place here.

September 6, 1998

Another election is here, it seem like

there are enough positions for almost everyone.

Politicians are ego maniac, thinking too highly

of themselves. The mayor led a group of lackeys

to the Far East, Shanghai, Hong Kong...have enough

of those Chinese sumptuous banquet.

California and San Francisco election, Tuesday, November 3, 1998

Please pass this on to at least 100 persons. Although most Americans cheat on their taxes, commit immorality and many other things, but still don't forget to demand the impeachment of Clinton, his Mid-East peace treaty is dangerous for Israel. More land giveaway will only trigger wars. The President have to be held in a higher standard, can you trust him in time of national emergency. China can use military force to take over Indonesia, and continue the boycott against Indonesia in capitals and products. Although the wholesale politics control the system, and the choices are not that great, we still have to vote in the beasts. The big money and the slate cards play major roles. The San Francisco incumbent mayor must be retired in 1999, the splendid new office for the next mayor is beautiful and wired.

Sudden death can come rather quickly to some. The nuclear wars and biological germ warfares are real. Terrorists vow to revenge from the Clinton's bombings in Sudan..., and most likely to strike near the year 2000. The Y2K is a serious major world problem and kept quiet, don't be surprise if martial laws are enacted, every person for themselves. The solar space storms can cause some serious communication problems from the damaged satellites.

California: Governor: Dan Lungren Lt. Governor:Tim Leslie Secretary of State: Bill Jones Controller: Ruben Barrales Treasurer: Curt Pringle Attorney General

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