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Full Biography for Shelby Valentine

Candidate for
Governing Board Member; Palo Alto Unified School District


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Shelby Valentine has Volunteered in our schools

  • Board of Education appointed liaison, Santa Clara County SELPA 1

  • Executive Board - Council of PTA: Legislation Director, Parliamentarian, Historian, Special Education Representative, Wardrobe Chair, Staff/Volunteer Appreciation Co-Chair

  • PTA participation at 8 schools: Elementary: Escondido, Hoover, Ohlone, Palo Verde and Walter Hays. JLS and Jordan Middle Schools. Palo Alto High School.

  • Elementary Foreign Language Task Force

  • Steering Committee - CAC for Special Education

  • Music program instructional volunteer Room Mother for 11 years

  • Sports Booster, Palo Alto High School

  Shelby Valentine brings Diverse work and community volunteer experience

  • Pan American World Airways - International flight service, 23 years

  • Attorney General's Volunteer Advisory Committee Department of Justice, State of California

  • Bishop's Disability Awareness Task Force Episcopal Church of California

  • Midtown Area, City of Palo Alto Neighborhood Watch Association, Block Captain

  • Thomas A. Dooley Foundation Gondahki Zonal Hospital volunteer, Nepal

  • National Geographic Magazine expedition On-board translator, Micronesia

  • Elat Kibbutz, orchard planter, Israel

  Shelby Valentine is Experienced and prepared

  • Current Board Member Friends of the Palo Alto Library

  • Past Board Member Garden Club of Palo Alto

  • Past Board Member Junior League of San Francisco

Shelby Valentine has lived in Palo Alto for 16 years. She is married to Doug Molitor and has three children, Nelle (16), Gabriel (21), and Kathryn (11).

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