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Additional Endorsements for Mandy Lowell

Candidate for
Governing Board Member; Palo Alto Unified School District

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Four newspapers--the Palo Alto Daily News, the Palo Alto Weekly, the San Jose Mercury News, and the Campanile--endorse Mandy Lowell for the school board of the Palo Alto Unified School District (PAUSD). The text of those endorsements follow.

Mandy Lowell is strongly supported by professors, business and community leaders, and parents. A partial list of our supporters may be found at the end of this file. Join them in voting Mandy Lowell for school board! To learn more, visit our website at

Palo Alto Daily News
Editorial, October 22, 1999.


Two issues rise above all others in this year's Palo Alto School Board race--curriculum and crowding caused by growing enrollment.

While test scores are high, overcrowded classrooms will threaten the quality of instruction.

We need school board members who are capable of solving our crowding crisis and who have a solid understanding of curriculum.


MANDY LOWELL is the kind of person you would want on your side in a battle. She's pragmatic, serious, energetic and she does her homework.

This 42-year-old Harvard-trained attorney has retired to raise her three children. She has two sons at Duvenek and a daughter at Bing Nursery School. Her husband, Charles Munger, is a physicist at Stanford.

And she's paid her dues as a member of the Palo Alto PTA Council Executive Board.

Lowell has the most extensive knowledge of curriculum of all the non-incumbents in the race. She said the district's curriculum should focus heavily on the basics in the early grades, and concentrate more on critical thinking skills and conceptual learning in the upper grades. Lowell said she places a premium on writing skills at all grade levels. And she will work to see that all students develop what she calls fluency in numbers.

She's also the only candidate who has brought up accountability during the various candidate forums. She has some excellent ideas along those lines. For instance, she wants to evaluate performance by comparing Palo Alto's public schools to other top schools nationally, not just "average" California schools.

We feel that Palo Alto is fortunate to have a candidate the caliber of Mandy Lowell running for school board.

The Palo Alto Weekly
Editorial: October 13, 1999.


In the ever-changing world of school politics in Palo Alto, this fall's race for three seats on the Palo Alto Unified School District board of education is a far cry from two years ago, when three dropped out of the race, leaving only two active candidates.

The surprize then was that one of the two write-in candidates, Mandy Lowell, received 4,000 votes. It wasn't enough to edge out second-place finisher John Barton (with 6,000), but it showed how much the community wants choices when electing board members.


Lowell, 42, is a corporate litigation attorney and Harvard Law School graduate who recently made the decision to stop practicing law. We weren't ready to support her as a write-in candidate two years ago, but she has since done her homework and become more involved in the schools. Lowell has the support of many in the school community who have pushed the school board to adopt a more back-to-basics, direct instruction curriculum, but she articulates a more balanced approach and emphasizes she will use her mediation skills to bring those with differing viewpoints together. We believe she will bring a refreshing new voice and perspective to the board.

San Jose Mercury News
Opinion: October 20, 1999.

Incumbent JOHN TUOMY is highly effective;
MANDY LOWELL has strong analytical skills;
GAIL PRICE is an experienced planner.

The Palo Alto school board is managing a major building program, grappling with a middle-school crowding crisis and facing projections of even more students at all levels and considerable staff turnover.

With two veterans stepping down from the board, voters Nov. 2 need to choose candidates who have vision, experience and the ability to make informed decisions. Fortunately, the field contains more than enough qualified candidates.


Lowell, 42, ran as a write-in candidate in 1997 and made a respectable showing. Since then she has retired from her law practice to devote more time to her three children and community work. She has served on PTA Council and a district task force that looked at ways to help kids performing below grade level. She's smart and energetic. She would bring strong analytical skills to the board.

The Campanile
Editorial: October, 1999.


The Campanile supports the election of Mandy Lowell, Gail Price and Barbara Spreng to the Palo Alto School Board on November 2.


Lowell, a recently retired corporate litigation attorney, pushes teaching fundamentals (especially writing skills), relieving overcrowding and recruiting and retaining qualified teachers. She is the candidate who most obviously has spent time talking to those directly affected by the decisions of the board--teachers and students--to pinpoint their needs and concerns.

Lowell plans to compare statistics from the district with top schools nationwide to prevent the current trend of lowered standards. Though this plan sounds bureaucratic, a board member who can step back and analyze is essential.

Leonard and Shirley Ely
Isaac and Maddy Stein
Joan Johnston, past School Board member

Wissy Ludwick
Beth Martin
Anne Taylor

Richard Lyman, Stanford University President Emeritus
Hon. George P. Schultz, Business
John Baugh, Education
Barry Behr, Medicine
Jonathan Bendor, Business
David Brady, Business
Richard Brody, Political Science
Helen Brooks, English
Gunnar Carlsson, Mathematics
Ralph Cohen, Mathematics
Amir Dembo, Mathematics
Robin Feldman, Law
Robert Horn, Political Science
Steven Kerckhoff, Mathematics
Michael Kirst, Education
Carolyn Lougee Chappell, History
Jeanne Lepper, Bing Nursery School
Mark Lepper, Psychology
Marion Lewenstein, Communication
Joseph Lipsick, Medicine
John McCarthy, Computer Science
Mark Mancall, History
Hubert Marshall, Political Science
Bill Newsome, Neurobiology
Amado Padilla, Education
Paul Robinson, History
Robert Rouse, Medicine
Richard Schoen, Mathematics
Kenneth Scott, Law
George Sensabaugh, English emeritus
Lewis Spitz, History
James Sweeney, Engineering
John Taylor, Economics
Ewart A. C. Thomas, Psychology
Buzz Thompson Jr., Law
Robert Weisberg, Law
Brian White, Mathematics
Morris Zelditch, Jr., Sociology
Mark Zoback, Geophysics

Alan Davis, past School Board member
Amado Padilla, past School Board member
Greg Schmid, past School Board member
John Berwald, past City Council member
Mike Cobb, past Mayor
Sandy Eakins, City Council member
Alan Henderson, past Mayor
Larry Klein, past Mayor
Jack Wheatley, past Mayor

INDIVIDUALS (partial list)

Stephanie & Mark Agnew
Arden & Marilyn Anderson
Nancy Anderson & Morris Chubb
Stephanie Anderson
Jim & Lynn Audet
Greg & Anne Avis
Linda Bader
Jim & Lucy Baer
Angie Ball
Chris Bateman
Stu & Louise Beattie
Elsie Begle
Victoria Behr
Maggie Bening
Gary Benton
Ann Bingham
Susan Bockus
Janice Bohman
Thomas & Melodie Brenner
Tamara Burton
Barney Cassidy
Diane & Jess Caton
Doris Chan
Dan & Jean Ann Chernikoff
Melinda Christopherson
Flora Chu
Larry Clark
Terry & Ann Clark
Roland & Harriet Davis
Chase & Nancy Dearborn
Michelle Demarta
Harry & Susan Denis
Vanessa Deibin
Mary G. Dimit
Andy Dody
Marice Druzin
Debbie Eastburn
Bill & Mary Jane Elmore
Kristine Erving
Laura Faught
Boris Feldman
Miriam Findley
Jan Fishy
Lila Fitzgerald
Carol & Joel Friedman
Jim Fruchterman
Mary Gallagher
Tay Gallagher
Terry Gibson
Diane Guinta
Cynthia Fry & John A. Gunn
Kathi Gwynn
Joanne Hagmann
Carroll Harrington
Diane & Bill Haydock
Carolyn & Dick Held
Myrene Henderson
Pat & Bob Herriot
Liz Hoffman
Gloria Hom
Cindy Howard
Albert Hu
Sam & Leslie Huey
Leannah Hunt
Cathy Jensen
Karen Jensen
Emily Jennewein
Pitch & Cathie Johnson
Sally & Abdo Kadifa
Joanne Kahn
Jennifer Kleckner
Retta & Jack Koch
Debbie Kullman
Thomas & Mary Lay
Heidi Lazar
Pattie Levinson
Michael & Kathy Levinthal
Shirley Lin
Laurel Lipsick
Na Liu
Andy Ludwick
Jing Lyman
Hillary Lyon
Maureen Martin
Elaine & Paul Miller
Mona Miller
Barbara Mitchell
Tom & Cassandra Moore
Betsy Morgenthaler
Nancy Muelller
Bruce Nixon
Dave & Carol Olson
Ann Pianetta
Rebecca Pinto
Steve Popell
Marc & Sally Prioleau
Carol Read
Jon Reider
Carolyn & Tom Reese
Carole & Andy Robin
Al Russell
Jon Schink
Christine Seaver
Elizabeth Sensabaugh
John & Barbara Schoolery
Jonathan Silverman
Amy Sims
Bob Smith
Jill & Boyd Smith
Marian Sofaer
Cheryl & Elliott Sopkin
Ruth Sothern
Nancy & Bill Spangler
Nancy Steinbach
Renate Steiner
Eileen & Richard Stolee
Ben & Rebecca Stolpa
Pearl Su
Duf & Cheryl Sundheim
Susan Sweeney
Ken Szutu
Bob & Carolyn Taber
Craig & Susie Thom
Camille Townsend
Holly Thompson
Nancy Tremble
Alex & Cindy Tseng
Erin Tuomy
Pat Tyler
Mitra Varza
Christine Wagner
Jeanne & Leo Ware
John F. Warren
Pat Weaver
Karen & Rand White
Marie Wolbach
Kat & Howard Wolf
Valerie Wolk
Don & Elaine Wood
Emily Wong
Grace Wu
Ze'ev Wurman
Joan Zweip & Tom Hoster
(partial list)

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