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November 2, 1999 Election
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Santa Clara County Ballot

Combined ballot

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Categories shown below:
School | City | Special District | Local Measures
Contests for all precincts in Santa Clara County, CA combined are shown below.

Polling Location on November 2:

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Governing Board Member; Palo Alto Unified School District (3 Elected)

Governing Board Member; Cupertino Union School District (2 Elected)

Governing Board Member; Orchard School District (2 Elected)


Council Member; City of Cupertino (2 Elected)

Mayor; City of Gilroy

  • Tom Springer
    1,943 votes 40.4%
  • Charles S. Morales
    1,218 votes 25.3%
  • Manly Richard Willis
    146 votes 3.0%
  • Guadalupe "Lupe" Arellano

Council Member; City of Gilroy (3 Elected)

  • Al Pinheiro
    2,873 votes 22.6%
  • Roland Velasco
    1,897 votes 14.9%
  • Craig Gartman
    1,636 votes 12.9%
  • Frank Flautt
    1,354 votes 10.7%
  • Russ Valiquette
    1,195 votes 9.4%
  • Huldah Champion
    1,124 votes 8.9%
  • Daniel Krueger
    481 votes 3.8%
  • Peter D. Arellano

Council Member; City of Los Altos (3 Elected)

Council Member; City of Palo Alto (4 Elected)

Council Member; City of Palo Alto; Unexpired Short Term

Council Member; City of Sunnyvale; Seat 4

Council Member; City of Sunnyvale; Seat 5

  • Manuel Valerio
    9,740 votes 100.0%

Council Member; City of Sunnyvale; Seat 6

  • Pat Vorreiter
    9,625 votes 100.0%

Council Member; City of Sunnyvale; Seat 7

Special District

Director; Burbank Sanitary District (2 Elected)

Director; West Bay Sanitary District (3 Elected)

Local Measures

Measure B Bond -- Berryessa Union School District
4,248 / 71.4% Yes votes ...... 1,699 / 28.6% No votes
To improve health and safety conditions of neighborhood elementary and middle schools and sites, relieve classroom overcrowding, replace inadequate or unsafe electrical and heating systems, roofs, plumbing and sewer systems, and repair, construct and acquire classrooms, and obtain eligibility for state funding for construction and renovation, shall the Berryessa Elementary School District issue $48 million of bonds at legal interest rates, and appoint a citizens' oversight committee to guarantee funds are spent only on school improvements?

Measure C Bond -- Campbell Union High School District
13,006 / 68.2% Yes votes ...... 6,066 / 31.8% No votes
To repair classrooms, modernize schools for computer learning, and acquire and improve school facilities, shall the Campbell Union High School District incur bonded indebtedness not to exceed $95,000,000 at legal interest rates for purposes including:
  • Modernizing aging electrical systems to support computers and learning technology in every classroom, and reduce safety hazards
  • Improving classrooms for teaching science and technology
  • Repairing old plumbing, restrooms, flooring, heating, water boilers, and leaky roofs
  • With expenditures reviewed by a community bond accountability committee?"

Measure D Referendum -- City of Morgan Hill
2,686 / 67.3% Yes votes ...... 1,304 / 32.7% No votes
Shall Ordinance No. 1429, New Series, An Ordinance of the City of Morgan Hill, California, Approving and Adopting an Amendment to the Community Development Plan for the Ojo De Aqua Community Development Project, be adopted?

Measure E Bond -- Foothill-DeAnza Community College District
35,506 / 72.0% Yes votes ...... 13,774 / 28.0% No votes
In order to replace aging roofs, deteriorated plumbing and electrical systems; refurbish classrooms, science laboratories and restrooms, and construct science and high-tech computer labs, classrooms and school facilities, shall Foothill-De Anza Community College District repair and rehabilitate its Foothill College and De Anza College facilities to meet current health, safety, and instructional standards by issuing $248 million of bonds at interest rates within the legal limit with no proceeds used for administrator salaries?

Measure G Term Limits -- City of Los Altos
5,261 / 76.1% Yes votes ...... 1,656 / 23.9% No votes
Shall Ordinance 99-370 of the City of Los Altos, providing for term limits for Los Altos City Councilmembers, be approved?

Measure H Community Improvement -- City of Los Altos (Advisory Vote)
4,019 / 57.3% Yes votes ...... 2,993 / 42.7% No votes
City of Los Altos voters request that utility users tax increases above 3.5% be appropriated by City Council (with citizens' watchdog committee advice) for service improvements in: Maintenance
  • Critical deferred facility repairs and preventive maintenance
  • Crack-sealing, street maintenance
  • Street landscaping maintenance

  • Facility acquisition and construction
  • Park land acquisition
  • After-school youth program

Public Safety
  • Emergency (9-1-1) communications
  • Continue and expand traffic safety program
  • Traffic engineering assistance

Measure I Utility Users Tax Increase -- City of Los Altos
3,255 / 48.6% Yes votes ...... 3,443 / 51.4% No votes
Shall the City Council of the City of Los Altos be authorized, annually, to set the rate of any utility users tax of the City at a rate not to exceed 6.25%?

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