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November 2, 1999 Election
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Santa Barbara County Ballot

Combined ballot

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Council Member; City of Santa Barbara (3 Elected)

Special District

Board Member; Embarcadero Municipal Improvement District (2 Elected)

  • S. Schwartz
    120 votes 29.5%
  • Cary K. Penniman
    113 votes 27.8%
  • Kenneth R. Hall
    89 votes 21.9%
  • Ronald R. Marotto
    85 votes 20.9%

Board Member; Embarcadero Municipal Improvement District; Unexpired Short Term

  • Kirkman Gardiner
    118 votes 55.9%
  • Carolynn A. Loeppke
    93 votes 44.1%

Board member; Goleta Water District (3 Elected)

  • Jean W. Blois
    7,650 votes 29.1%
  • Larry Mills
    7,461 votes 28.4%
  • Harry E. Dewitt
    6,586 votes 25.1%
  • Tom Phillips
    4,586 votes 17.4%

Local Measures

Measure R99 Police/Fire Buildings and Facilities Bonds -- City of Santa Barbara
8,736 / 44.9% Yes votes ...... 10,706 / 55.1% No votes
Shall the City of Santa Barbara incur general obligation bonded indebtedness in the principal amount not to exceed $36,700,000 in order to provide funding for any or all of the following purposes: to acquire property and construct thereon a Police Department Central Facility to replace the old police headquarters building, and refurbish and upgrade existing Fire Department buildings and facilities to meet present standards?

Measure S99 Hotel Construction -- City of Santa Barbara
6,894 / 34.8% Yes votes ...... 12,929 / 65.2% No votes
Shall amendments to City of Santa Barbara Charter, Zoning Ordinances, General Plan, and Coastal Plan that permit construction of a 225 room hotel at Calle Cesar Chavez and Cabrillo Boulevard and change height, environmental, or discretionary review and approval by the Architectural Board of Review, Historic Landmarks Commission, Planning Commission, or City Council, and without growth limitation mitigation measures of Charter section 1508 (Measure E) be adopted?

Measure T99 School Bonds -- Santa Barbara Community College District
19,433 / 54.2% Yes votes ...... 16,416 / 45.8% No votes
Shall Santa Barbara Community College District acquire and construct computer, multimedia and technology classrooms for vocational and career training; reduce classroom overcrowding; upgrade outdated science labs; refurbish and expand Adult Education learning facilities; repair deteriorating plumbing, heating and electrical systems; and make site and facility improvements for Santa Barbara City College to better serve southcoast communities including Santa Barbara, Montecito, Carpinteria and Goleta, by issuing $44.8 million of bonds at legal interest rates?

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