Contra Costa County, CA November 2, 1999 Election
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City of Richmond Sewer Tax

By Karen D. Ortega

Candidate for Council Member; City of Richmond

This information is provided by the candidate
Richmond's infrastructure is surely in need of repair, however, voters should have the opportunity to make decisions which affect our personal finances.
I have taken a position in opposition to the currently proposed sewer "fee for service" increase.

No doubt our sewers are in need of repair. I realize a study has been conducted to demonstrate the need. The City Council has recently voted to issue bonds in the amount of $40 million dollars specifically for the sewer district. If these funds are not used specifically for the sewers the City will be in default. The current Council plans to pay the bonds by raising our property tax, sewer fee over the next ten years. The increase is based currently on water flowing into our homes, not what we actually use. Poor people can only defer their tax until after death to be paid retroactively by their heirs.

In the past the City has comingled funds for the sewer into the general fund for other uses. Critical maintenance has not taken place. The City's credibility is seriously in doubt.

I say bring this issue to the voters, after a clear case has been made, and a comprehensive, ongoing maintenance system is put into place.

Since proposition 13 was passed in 1978 we are lacking in many services and funds are scarce. Raising "fees for service" such as the sewer fee may be a legal way to get more monies, but it doesn't make it right and we taxpayer's wallets are getting thiner and thiner. We must look for other ways to address our needs, or at the very least ask for a vote of the taxpayer!

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