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District Attorney; City of San Francisco


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Prior to being elected District Attorney in 1995, Terence Hallinan served for seven years as a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. Mr. Hallinan was elected on a platform of change, stressing the need to focus on combating violent crime, developing alternative programs for non-violent offenders and streamlining the operations of the District Attorney's office, as well as other innovations.

Mr. Hallinan's term in office as District Attorney has already been praised for his hands-on involvement in the courtroom, tough administrative decisions, and significant improvements in the way the DA's office provides support and services to victims of violent crime in San Francisco.

Mr. Hallinan brings a long family history of public service to his work. His late father, Vincent Hallinan, was a renowned attorney who defended labor leader Harry Bridges in court and once ran for President of the United States. His late mother, Vivian, was a long-time leader of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom. His broad range of experience included decades of civil rights activism, including arrests while fighting for civil rights in the deep South and over 30 years as a practicing attorney in California. Juvenile crim has fallen 30%. In 1999 alone, more than 15 homocide cases have been resolved in the prosecution's favor.

District Attorney Hallinan has also used his position as a bully pulpit for important causes. He was the only DA in California to endorse Proposition 215. He was the only DA ever to send letters to all Attorneys General nationwide calling on them to change discriminatory language in various domestic violence statutes that do not protect same-sex couples.

He has worked extensively with community and coalition groups in San Francisco including neighborhood groups, cultural organizations, crime abatement committees, Democratic clubs, unions, women's organizations, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender associations, environmental organizations, victims rights organizations, and civil rights groups.

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