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BORN AND RAISED IN SAN FRANCISCO, Bill Fazio worked his way up through the ranks of the District Attorney's office gaining respect and admiration during his twenty years of service to the City to become one of the premier homicide prosecutors in the country.

BILL FAZIO THE PROSECUTOR: Bill Fazio began his career as a prosecutor trying misdemeanor cases, but soon was selected to try violent felony cases. He spent many years preparing and trying hundreds of violent criminal cases, and gained a reputation for being an effective, fair and successful prosecutor in the very difficult areas of rape and child abuse. Bill then applied his skills exclusively to homicide cases. Bill Fazio is the only candidate for District Attorney who has ever prosecuted a violent felony. Bill Fazio's record as an outstanding prosecutor has earned him the endorsement of six former San Francisco Police Chiefs and five former San Francisco Bar Association presidents.

BILL FAZIO THE TRIAL ATTORNEY: Bill Fazio has had the courage to break new ground as a prosecutor. In 1984, Bill volunteered to prosecute the case of People v. Clanton, a "gay bashing" murder. He obtained a conviction in this case, one of the first hate crime murder convictions in the country. After the trial, Bill collaborated with community leaders and legislators in formulating "hate crime" enhancements to deal with the terror of hate crimes. Bill also built a reputation as a landmark prosecutor in domestic violence and child sexual assault cases. That reputation for outstanding work led to recognition by former Mayor Dianne Feinstein, who praised Bill for his successful prosecution of a violent rape of a blind woman.

BILL FAZIO THE PROFESSIONAL: Bill has served on the Board of Directors of the San Francisco Bar Association. He was selected to be a member of the prestigious American College of Trial Attorneys and has received numerous awards and recognition from the California District Attorneys Association. He is the author of numerous articles on crime including , "Sexual Assault and the Victim" and "Domestic Violence Expert Testimony in the Prosecution of Male Batterers."

BILL FAZIO THE TEACHER: Bill has always been eager to volunteer his time to teach about the law. He has taught at the University of San Francisco Law School, Stanford University, the San Francisco Police Academy, the San Francisco District Attorney's Office, Advanced Officer Training in Sexual Assault, the National Institute of Trial Advocacy (NITA) and Sexual Trauma Services at San Francisco General Hospital.

BILL FAZIO'S PLAN: As San Francisco's next District Attorney, Bill Fazio will ensure the successful prosecution of violent offenders and will focus on illegal guns, violence and drugs that threaten our schools. He is dedicated to revamping the juvenile justice system to both rehabilitate and protect. Bill's plans to make San Francisco's neighborhoods safe include gun abatement and gun tracing programs. He will also implement a true comprehensive treatment program throughout the criminal justice system for substance abusing offenders. He plans to introduce restorative justice into the juvenile justice system where the victim is made whole and the juvenile recognizes the wrongfulness of their conduct. As the next District Attorney, Bill will also orchestrate other innovative pilot programs and emphasize collaborative law enforcement efforts.

Bill Fazio attended San Francisco State University and received his law degree from the University of San Francisco. He put himself through school working as a printing pressman. Bill has been active in many community and professional groups including: Community United Against Violence (CUAV), Centro Latino, San Francisco Child Abuse Council, Commission on the Status of Women, Municipal Attorneys Association and Lakeshore Homeowners. Bill, his wife, and their three children live in the Sunset District of San Francisco.

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