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November 3, 1998 General
Smart Voter

Hamilton County Ballot

824 BROADWAY ST, 45202
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Precinct 60501 Ballot Type 10

Polling Location on November 3:

Main Public Library
Lobby @ 8th & Walnut
800 Vine Street
Cincinnati, 45202

(Wheelchair accessable)
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US Legislative

United States Senate

United States Representative; Congressional District 1

State Executive Offices


Lieutenant Governor

Attorney General

Auditor of State

Secretary of State

Treasurer of State

State Board of Education; District 4

State Legislative Offices

State Senate; District 9

State Representative; District 31


County Commissioner

County Auditor


Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court

Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court; Term Starting 1/1/99

Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court; Term Starting 1/2/99

Judge Ohio Court of Appeals; Appellate District 1

Judge, Court of Common Pleas; Term Starting 1/2/99

Judge, Court of Common Pleas; Term Starting 1/3/99

  • Robert P. Ruehlman

Judge, Court of Common Pleas; Term Starting 1/4/99

Judge, Court of Common Pleas; Term Starting 1/15/99

Judge, Court of Common Pleas; Term Ending 12/21/2000

Judge, Court of Common Pleas, Juvenile

Judge, Court of Common Pleas, Domestic Relations; Term Starting 1/5/99

Judge, Court of Common Pleas, Domestic Relations; Term Starting 1/16/99

State Issues

Issue 1 Mourning Doves
Proposed Law (Proposed by Initiative Petition) To amend Sections 1531.01 and 1531.02 of the Ohio Revised Code to prohibit the hunting or taking of mourning doves in Ohio. THE PROPOSED LAW WOULD:
1. Amend Section 1531.01(S) of the Ohio Revised Code by removing the words "mourning doves" from the definition of "Game birds."
2. Amend Section 1531.01 of the Ohio Revised Code by removing the final sentence of that section which states: "The chief shall not establish a season for the hunting of mourning doves that opens prior to the fifteenth day of September of any year."
3. Amend Section 1531.02 of the Revised Code by adding the words "NO PERSON SHALL HUNT OR TAKE A MOURNING DOVE." If adopted, this law as amended would be effective on December 3, 1998.

Local Issues

Issue 10 Tax Levy for Mental Health Services -- County of Hamilton (Proposed Tax Levy (Renewal and Increase))
A renewal of 1.99 mills and an increase of 0.48 mill to constitute a tax for the benefit of the County of Hamilton, Ohio, for the purpose of PROVIDING FUNDS FOR THE COMMUNITY MENTAL HEALTH SERVICE DISTRICT FOR THE OPERATION OF MENTAL HEALTH PROGRAMS AND THE ACQUISITION, CONSTRUCTION, RENOVATION, FINANCING, MAINTENANCE AND OPERATION OF MENTAL HEALTH FACILITIES at a rate not exceeding two and forty-seven hundredths (2.47) mills for each one dollar of valuation, which amounts to twenty-four and seven-tenths cents ($0.247) for each one hundred dollars of valuation, for four (4) years commencing with the 1998 tax year.

Issue 11 County Charter-Broadway Commons -- County of Hamilton (Proposed by Petition)
Shall a County Charter for Hamilton County be adopted? All provisions establishing the operation of government in and for Hamilton County, Ohio, as currently set forth or as hereinafter enacted in the Ohio Constitution, the Ohio Revised Code and other laws and regulations in and for the State of Ohio are hereby adopted. Except as specifically modified below, this Charter shall confer no greater or lesser powers on behalf of or in favor of Hamilton County, Ohio, including its Board of County Commissioners. Any new stadium constructed, in whole or in part, for major league baseball, and to be funded, in whole or in part, by a sales tax approved by electors of Hamilton County, Ohio, on March 19, 1996, shall be located generally in the area north of Court Street, east of Broadway, southeast of Reading Road and west of Gilbert Avenue and Interstate 71 and sometimes referred to as Broadway Commons. This provision, however, shall not prohibit the Board of County Commissioners of Hamilton County, Ohio, from taking any such actions as would provide for the routine maintenance, or repairs, or renovation of the existing sports stadium now known as Cinergy Field.

Issue 12 Tax on Admissions -- City of Cincinnati (Proposed Charter Amendment)
Shall the Charter of the City of Cincinnati be amended to provide that the council shall not impose a tax on admissions at a rate in excess of three percent (3%) without an affirmative vote of the electorate approving said rate, by ordaining supplementary Section 6b of Article VIII and supplementary Section 4 of Article X of said Charter, effective as of the date the results of the election hereon are certified by the Hamilton County, Ohio Board of Elections?

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