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Phil Angelides History & Supporters

By Jan B. Tucker

Candidate for State Treasurer

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Phil Angelides, Democratic Candidate for Treasurer, pretends to be a "liberal," but exemplifies the statement by the founder of the Newspaper Guild (AFL-CIO), Heywoud Hale Broun, who said, "a liberal is one who leaves the room when the fight begins."
The Policies After pretending to be a feminist in his 1994 primary fight with State Senator David Roberti--whom he accused in his ads of supporting abortion clinic bombings--Angelides wrote a Los Angeles Times op-ed piece in which he warned the California Democratic Party against supporting Affirmative Action, calling it "a trap" that the party could fall into. Angelides has called for the establishment of a California version of Bill Clinton's centrist "Democratic Leadership Council," as though the Democratic Party isn't already far enough to the right! The Associations Countrywide Mortgage and Sexual Harassment NOW member Linda Wanek and a female co-worker were subjected to assault and battery as part of their sexual harassment by their supervisor at the Tarzana office of Countrywide Mortgage. In response to their complaints, Countrywide at first transferred them instead of disciplining the perpetrator. The San Fernando Valley Chapter of NOW picketed the Tarzana office where the harassment occurred, the Pasadena corporate office of Countrywide, and held a press conference in front of the Van Nuys Courthouse to protest the Judge's anti-woman decisions in Wanek's litigation against Countrywide--at the very time that Countrywide was re-financing the Judge's house. In each instance, massive publicity was drawn to Countrywide's sordid history of sexual harassment and discrimination against women. While Jan Tucker called for a boycott of Countrywide to protest its sexual harassment policies in his 1994 State Ballot Pamphlet statement, Phil Angelides is endorsed by Countrywide Chairman and CEO Angelo R. Mozilo. In 1994 Countrywide gave Angelides $5,000 and coughed up an additional $10,000 for this year's campaign. Price Company and Discrimination When San Fernando Valley NOW activist Ophie Beltran was organizing against harassment of women, gays, veterans, minorities, and union activists at the Price Company (now merged with COSTCO), Price Company's lawyers threatened then-Cal NOW President Linda Joplin with a lawsuit if NOW didn't retract charges of discrimination made in SFV NOW's newsletter. Linda Joplin and SFV NOW PR Director Jan Tucker drafted a response to Price Company: "go ahead and sue." We'll have the case thrown out of court under the California Free Speech Act and get court sanctions against you. The Price Company backed down. Discrimination against the Price Club employees was horrendous. One gay man who protested was told that he "had to learn to just bend over and take it." Mexican employees were told that the company switched to clear plastic garbage bags so that they could go "window shopping." A veteran was refused his legal rights to reinstatement with full pay and seniority after serving his country. Union activists were harassed for sticking up for their rights. While picketing the Price Club, NOW members were threatened with arrest if they didn't take down their picket signs protesting racism, sexism, and harassment by a man driving a phony police car and sporting a State Commissioner's badge. He threatened the wrong picket line! Two lawyers and Jan Tucker, a private investigator, were on the scene and it cost him a settlement in which he had to pay every picketer $1,000! Phil Angelides is endorsed by former Price Company President and Founder Sol Price, who made a campaign contribution to him in 1994. Bruce Corwin and the Rape of Employees at Film Processing Company Bruce Corwin, a Beverly Hills "Mr. Liberal," is former Southern California Chairman of the Democratic Party, former L.A. Mayor Tom Bradley's finance chairman, and owner of Metropolitan Theatre Corporation. When he bought Film Processing Company, he put his brother in law in charge of the enterprise. On a Wednesday, employees at the plant met with union officials from the Graphic Communications International Union and were instructed how to organize and get cards signed for a unionization drive. On Thursday, they signed up 75% of the plant. On Friday all of them were fired. By Saturday, even after the organizers were fired, 95% of the workers had signed union cards. The workers had nothing to lose by being fired: every woman in the plant had been sexually harassed by supervisors and one had been raped by the plant manager. Almost every worker in the plant had been chemically poisoned--one man who'd previously fathered normal children fathered a genetically mutated child after going to work there. The child was so genetically damaged from his father's chemical poisoning, it died shortly after birth. Jan Tucker got the workers to picket Bruce Corwin's Beverly Hills home. He developed a strategy that got the factory thrown out of Mexico after the plant manager's father, a corrupt Mexican customs official, allowed the machinery to be brought there in violation of Mexican law. Phil Angelides proudly lists the endorsement of Bruce Corwin on his website under business leaders for Angelides.

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