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An Outline of My Concerns for the Future of Our Nation

By Richard D. "Dick" Porter

Candidate for United States Representative; District 22

This information is provided by the candidate
This is a list of topics reflecting my concerns for our nation's future. I would be glad to speak to, or discuss, or present a brief essay on any or all of these topics whenever there is an opportunity to do so.
1. Partisanship: the core problem
2. Two-party system: the embodiment of modern partisanship
3. Winner-take-all: the objective of partisanship
4. Election campaigning: the partisan ritual
5. Statesmanship: the lost art
6. Good people, bad system
7. Campaign finance: the "mother's milk" of partisanship
8. Contributors: the good the bad, and the ugly
9. "Meaningless" $100 contributions: the good
10. Unlimited self-contributions for the wealthy: the bad
11. Money as "free speech"
12. Buying "access" to elected representatives: the ugly
13. Corruption: of the system, by the system, for the system
14. Bribery: the implicit quid pro quo
15. Conflict of interest: legislation for sale
16. Bundling $1000 contributions: the power breakfast
17. Soft money: free speech run amuck
18. Access to pinnacles of power
19. Congressional organization: the partisan objective
20. Odd January: new beginnings
21. Window of opportunity: a brief opening for reform
22. Partisan caucuses: the power base
23. Seniority: more than staying power
24. House and Senate leadership: "you scratch my back . . ."
25. Minority party: "just wait until next time"
26. Gridlock: irreconcilable differences
27. Bipartisan agreement: compromising the public interest
28. Organizing the new Congress: Power to the Speaker
29. Congressional rules: the system in perpetuity
30. Committee chairs: concentration of power
31. Designer legislation: the payoff
32. Lobbyists, lobbying agencies, clients, and access
33. Congressional staff: the gatekeepers
34. Committee staffs: where the rubber meets the road
35. Authorization: committee power
36. Appropriation: leadership power
37. Conference committees: the ultimate power
38. Lawyers, legislation, case law, and precedents
39. Executive organization: implementing legislation
40. Governmental agencies: building better bureaucracies
41. Continuing authorization: the sun never sets
42. Unthinkable: zero based budgeting
43. Rules and regulations: bastions of bureaucracy
44. Congressional oversight: more than posturing for the media
45. Judicial review: when laws are not clearly drawn
46. "Issues": defining the candidates
47. Partisan "issues": the parties define themselves
48. Single issue politics: the "hot button issues"
49. The Constitution: amendment, or better legislation?
50. The Presidency: partisanship or statesmanship?
51. The people: "get out the vote"
52. The voters: getting their attention
53. Media: information and "spin"
54. Television "spots": getting to know you?
55. "Serious candidates?": by their spending shall you know them?
56. Getting "things" for the constituents: who gets what, why?
57. Apportionment 2000: maintaining partisanship for the decade

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