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Radar and parking meters

By Robert L. "Bob" Mulvany

Candidate for Member of the State Assembly; District 4

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Almost every motorist has been outraged by an unjust parking ticket or radar trap. The newest orwellian intrusion into our lives and pocketbooks is photo enforcement of speed and traffic laws. I would introduce legislation to prohibit parking meters and electronic enforcement of traffic laws.
If you get a parking ticket in California, you have no recourse but to pay or your vehicle cannot be registered. If you drive it without registration it can be impounded. If it is a mistake, you will not have your day in court. The agency that issued the ticket will most likely not respond to your inquiries. Parking meters are very lucrative to local governments, but petty larceny to the rest of us. I would prohibit parking meters on any public way in California.

An 84-page detailed government study found that speed limits do not affect accident rates nor do they affect the speeds that motorists duive. It has been shown time and again that most people drive at a prudent speed and only the reckless fringe need to be controlled. Yet, the income from fines is a large predictable element in most local government budgets. Were you a member of the "reckless fringe" the last time you got a radar ticket? Of course not. It is about money, not traffic safety. I would introduce legislation to prohibit the use of radar or photoradar for speed enforcement.

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