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Political Philosophy for Sandie Dunn

Candidate for
United States Representative; District 3


This information is provided by the candidate

As a proven community leader I promise to put the families of the Third District first. In Congress, I will fight to give our children a world-class education, work with local law enforcement to ensure the safety of our neighborhoods and our towns, and I will fight to save Social Security and Medicare. The Third District deserves a member of Congress with both vision and character, and the ability and experience to get things done and to move us forward.

Improving Education:

I know that a good education is vital to our children's success. We must demand higher quality and set higher standards for our education system. It is important that we give teachers the tools they need and provide students an environment in which they can learn. That means reducing class sizes, allowing teachers to remove disruptive students, and instituting a zero-tolerance policy for guns and drugs.

In Congress, I will work to ensure that our schools provide students a safe and secure environment free of guns, drugs, and violence: an environment conducive to learning. I support expanding programs which provide our local school districts and neighborhoods with the resources they need to keep our schools, and kids, safe. We must send a strong message that drugs, guns and violence will not be tolerated in our schools.

Fighting Crime and Drugs:

I support efforts to prevent crime such as community policing and putting more police on the streets. And when crimes are committed I believe in tough and swift punishment. I support the death penalty for murderers and tough sentences for all violent criminals. That's why I've been endorsed by the California Organization of Police and Sheriffs.

As the president of my local neighborhood association I supported the development of neighborhood watch programs. Those programs have been an important step forward in protecting the safety of our children, seniors and all the members of our community.

As your representative I will work to ensure the safety of our schools and streets and fight crime in our communities. I support programs such as COPS which helps local police and sheriff's departments put more cops on the streets of our neighborhoods working with the local community to increase safety and security for our families.

Preserving Social Security and Medicare:

I know the importance of honoring a commitment. That's why I'll fight to preserve Social Security and Medicare. We've made a solemn promise to our seniors and to future generations that Social Security and Medicare will be there for them.

I support using the budget surplus to save Social Security and will work towards finding long range solutions to ensure the solvency of Social Security. In addition, I will vigorously protect Medicare from cuts and fight for the benefits our seniors have earned and deserve.

Water Supply and Flood Control:

The Sacramento Valley deserves flood control and a safe, firm water supply now. As a water lawyer with 16 years of extensive, hands-on water experience throughout the Sacramento Valley I am uniquely qualified to represent the Third District in Congress. I have worked alongside northern California's farmers and with local flood control agencies to find responsible solutions to our water supply and flood control problems.

I will be a hard-working sincere voice in Washington for working families like yours. My community leadership and business experience gives me the qualifications and perspective to serve as your advocate in Congress.

Thank you.

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