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By David L. Bersohn

Candidate for Member of the State Assembly; District 33

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No child in California should be the victim of a government school.
When private sector businesses fail to deliver the goods or services their customers expect, they lose money and expire; when government agencies do a bad job, they brazenly ask for a raise. "In the demand for further public funds, nothing succeeds like failure."

In 1960, American public schools spent $259 per pupil. Today, government spends $7000 per pupil, a four-fold increase after factoring in price inflation. Yet our public schools fail abysmally. "Free" government schools are a bad educational deal.

It is my goal that no child in California should be the victim of a government school. Let's privatize education. In our technologically advanced society, this progressive step is both feasible and imperative to ensure a brighter future for everyone. Bill and Hillary, most legislators, and half of public school teachers don't send their children to government schools. Without an income tax, you, too, could choose private or home schooling for your children.

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