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Gray Davis 4,858,817 votes 58.0%

  • Party: Democratic
  • Occupation: Lieutenant Governor of the State of California
  • Stanford University Graduate, 1964
  • Columbia Law School Graduate, 1967
  • Captain, U.S. Army Signal Corps, Vietnam, 1967-69
  • Chief of Staff to Governor Edmund G. Brown, Jr. 1975-81
  • California State Assemblyman, 43rd District, 1982-86
  • California State Controller, 1987-95
  • RESTORING CALIFORNIA'S PUBLIC SCHOOLS TO GREATNESS - Gray Davis has been a life-long advocate for improving California's public schools.
  • HEALTHCARE - Many Californians are experiencing problems with healthcare.
  • A WOMAN'S RIGHT TO CHOOSE - Gray Davis has been a consistent supporter of women's rights.
Dan Lungren 3,216,749 votes 38.4%
  • Party: Republican
  • Occupation: California Attorney General
  • U.S. House of Representatives, 1978-1988
  • University of Notre Dame, 1968
  • J.D., Georgetown Law Center, 1971
  • PUBLIC SAFETY: THE FIRST DUTY OF GOVERNMENT -- If government does nothing else, it should at least protect us from crime. As Attorney General, working with local law enforcement, Dan Lungren has helped lead California to its lowest level of crime in 30 years. As Governor, he'll continue fighting for tough laws, judges and effective prevention until every Californian lives in a safe community.
  • EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION -- As Governor, Dan Lungren will bring to the state's faltering public education system the same focus he brought to fighting crime. He will fight for top-to-bottom reform with authority returned to local educators, teachers and parents. Statewide performance standards and traditional, proven curriculum and teaching methods must be restored in our public schools K through 12. Our community colleges, which provide the best dollar-for-dollar educational product in America, must be given the ability to provide a skilled, educated workforce. In short, Dan Lungren will not rest until every parent in California can once again be assured that his or her child's education comes first.
  • GROWING BUSINESS,GOOD JOBS -- California is booming again. As Governor, Dan Lungren's pro-business, pro-growth agenda will mean restraining government's fiscal appetite, cutting back choking regulations on business and passing laws that enable the technological industries of the economy of the future to succeed.
Dan Hamburg 104,117 votes 1.3%
  • Party: Green
  • Occupation: Educator
  • Phone: (707) 462-1220; Addr: P.O. Box 3727, Oakland, CA 94609; Email:
Steve W. Kubby 73,823 votes 0.9%
  • Party: Libertarian
  • Occupation: Publisher and Author
  • Lead role in Prop. 215 Campaign
  • Medical rights advocate
  • Pioneer in Outdoor Education
  • Author, "The Politics of Conscousness"
  • State of the World Forum Speaker
  • Community Leader
  • Education--Use vouchers and charter schools to give families more options
  • Public Safety: Make real crimes, with real victims our top priority
  • Taxes: Our 12.5% annual reduction in state taxes and fees will amount to a 50% reduction over 4 years.
Gloria Estela La Riva 59,181 votes 0.7%
  • Party: Peace and Freedom
  • Occupation: Newspaper Printer
Philip Ashamallah (Write-In) 50,434 votes 0.7%
  • Party: Democratic
Nathan E. Johnson 37,955 votes 0.4%
  • Party: American Independent
  • Occupation: Public Transit Worker
Harold H. Bloomfield, MD 31,226 votes 0.3%
  • Party: Natural Law
  • Occupation: Physician/Psychiatrist/Best selling author
  • Author of 17 books including
  • Healing Anxiety with Herbs
  • Hypericum (St. John's Wort) and Depression
  • Making peace with Your Parents
  • Transendental Meditation
  • How to Survive the Loss of a Love
  • Implement preventive health care and herbal medicine to cut costs by 50%
  • Education must unfold the inner genius and emotional literacy of every student
  • Eliminate special interest influence through comprehensive campaign and election reforms
Gale Shangold (Write-In)
Lark D. Jursek (Write-In)
Holden Charles Hollom (Write-In)

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