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Santa Clara County, CA November 3, 1998 General
Directory of Santa Clara County, CA Measures
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Measure A Development of rental housing for people with low income -- County of Santa Clara
221,395 / 66.9% Yes votes
109,554 / 33.1% No votes
Without increasing local taxes, may publicly assisted providers develop, subject to local zoning and approval procedures, rental housing for the elderly, disabled, families and individuals of low income, in the municipalities and urban service areas within Santa Clara County, in annual amounts which, apart from any existing authority for the development of such housing, do not exceed 1/10th of 1% of the total housing units within the municipalities and urban service areas as of the 1990 census?

Measure B Delete wording regarding justice courts -- County of Santa Clara (Charter Amendment)
182,054 / 61.5% Yes votes
114,191 / 38.5% No votes
Shall the County of Santa Clara amend section 712 by deleting the words "judges of the justice courts"?

Measure C Eliminate Intergovernmental Council and encourage cooperation among Bay Area agencies -- County of Santa Clara (Charter Amendment)
180,924 / 63.1% Yes votes
105,890 / 36.9% No votes
Shall the County of Santa Clara delete section 507 eliminating the Intergovernmental Council and amend section 301 by adding a new sub-section (b) to the powers and duties of the Board of Supervisors providing, "Encourage cooperation among local public agencies both within Santa Clara County and the San Francisco Bay Area. When appropriate recommend and promote solutions to regional issues of mutual concern to Santa Clara County and other agencies and reletter subsections accordingly"?

Measure D Amend Charter -- County of Santa Clara (Charter Amendment)
133,970 / 46.5% Yes votes
154,263 / 53.5% No votes
Shall the County of Santa Clara amend section 506 to: add "committees" following "boards" throughout the section to refer to "boards, committees and commissions," add "by laws, quorum requirements" to the second paragraph after "meeting times" and delete paragraph six, allowing organizational and administrative issues to be addressed by ordinance, rather than the charter, and add a provision providing flexibility in the residency requirement by allowing the Board to waive that requirement?

Measure E Board of Supervisor term limits -- County of Santa Clara (Charter Amendment)
169,796 / 55.5% Yes votes
136,247 / 44.5% No votes
Shall the County of Santa Clara amend section 202 to limit the number of terms a member of the Board of Supervisors may serve to three terms, consisting of four years each?

Measure F Allow consideration of instant run-off voting system -- County of Santa Clara (Charter Amendment)
158,624 / 53.9% Yes votes
135,525 / 46.1% No votes
Shall the County of Santa Clara add section 208 stating, "Nothing in this Charter shall preclude the Board of Supervisors from authorizing an instant run-off voting system for the November general election, which eliminates the need for run-off elections, when such technology is available to the County?"

Measure G Acquisition and improvement of real property -- Morgan Hill Unified School District (Bonds)
8,781 / 62.9% Yes votes
5,179 / 37.1% No votes
In order to permit the Morgan Hill Unified School District to finance construction of a new high school, renovations to Live Oak High School, and construction of a new elementary school, shall the District be authorized to incur bonded indebtedness for the acquisition and improvement of real property for authorized school purposes, in the principal amount of $70,000,000, to bear interest at rates not exceeding the statutory maximum?

Measure H Construct, acquire, and renovate facilities -- Los Altos School District (Bonds)
12,000 / 75.8% Yes votes
3,832 / 24.2% No votes
To relieve overcrowding and to repair and rehabilitate aging local schools, shall the Los Altos School District issue bonds to construct and acquire additional classrooms and school facilities as needed, and to renovate existing schools, including upgrading electrical wiring for safety and capacity, renovating aged plumbing systems and upgrading restrooms, in a total amount not to exceed $94.7 million at an interest rate within the legal limit?

Measure I Repair, rehabilitate and construct facilities -- San Jose City College/Evergreen Community College District (Bonds)
97,031 / 74.3% Yes votes
33,484 / 25.7% No votes
Shall San Jose/Evergreen Community College District repair and rehabilitate its San Jose City College and Evergreen Valley College facilities to meet current health, safety, accessibility, and instructional standards; replace aging roofs, inadequate lighting, deteriorated plumbing, heating, ventilation and electrical systems; refurbish classrooms, laboratories, restrooms, vocational training facilities, and construct technology centers, libraries and classrooms by issuing $135,750,000 of bonds at interest rates within the legal limit with no proceeds used for administrator salaries?

Measure J Term limits -- City of Monte Sereno
997 / 68.1% Yes votes
467 / 31.9% No votes
Shall an ordinance be adopted limiting the number of terms a member of the Monte Sereno City Council may serve on the City Council to two consecutive four year terms with a right to run for office again only after at least two years have elapsed since that person last held office?

Measure K Administrative code -- City of Gilroy (Charter Amendment)
3,672 / 62.3% Yes votes
2,223 / 37.7% No votes
Shall Section 800 of the City Charter be amended to delete the provision which required that the City Administrator prepare and submit to the City Council, and requiring the Council to adopt, the first administrative code after the Charter was established?

Measure L Bar on discrimination or favoring -- City of Gilroy (Charter Amendment)
4,733 / 75.2% Yes votes
1,559 / 24.8% No votes
Shall Section 811 of the City Charter be amended to bar the City from discriminating against, or from favoring, a City employee or person seeking employment with the City, on the basis of political opinion or affiliations or membership in a lawful employees association, or because of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, or veteran's status?

Measure M School crossing guards -- City of Gilroy (Charter Amendment)
3,543 / 59.2% Yes votes
2,440 / 40.8% No votes
Shall Section 1000 of the City Charter be amended to remove from the list of positions coming within the jurisdiction of the General Service the position of school crossing guards?

Measure N Transfer of unused budgetary amounts -- City of Gilroy (Charter Amendment)
3,524 / 57.0% Yes votes
2,655 / 43.0% No votes
Shall Section 1104 of the City Charter be amended to allow the City Administrator to transfer unused budgetary amounts from one account to another as long as the total appropriation approved by the City Council for any fund or department are not affected by the transfer during any fiscal year?

Measure O Fluoridation -- City of Mountain View (Advisory vote only)
10,316 / 59.8% Yes votes
6,921 / 40.2% No votes
Should the City of Mountain View fluoridate its municipal water supply?

Measure P Consolidate duties of the City Auditor -- City of Mountain View (Charter Amendment)
7,350 / 58.0% Yes votes
5,315 / 42.0% No votes
Shall Section 710 of the City Charter, relating to the duties of the City Auditor, be amended to set forth the duties of the City Auditor and eliminate those duties currently performed by the City Finance and Administrative Services Director?

Measure Q Alternate bidding process for public works -- City of Mountain View (Charter Amendment)
7,312 / 57.4% Yes votes
5,437 / 42.6% No votes
Shall Section 1107 of the City Charter be amended to allow the City Council to adopt by ordinance an alternate bidding process for public works projects and limiting the dollar amount to that set by State law for general law cities?

Measure R Amend charter -- City of Mountain View (Charter Amendment)
6,173 / 51.6% Yes votes
5,801 / 48.4% No votes
Shall the City of Mountain View amend the following sections of the City Charter: Sections 501, 505, 513 and 520 of Article V; Sections 706 and 711 of Article VII; Section 905 of Article IX; Section 1001 of Article X; Section 1204 of Article XII; Section 1604 of Article XVI; and delete Section 903 of Article IX and Section 1203 of Article XII?

Measure S Vote on labor agreements resulting from binding arbitration -- City of Sunnyvale (Charter Amendment)
12,056 / 40.3% Yes votes
17,851 / 59.7% No votes
Shall the Sunnyvale City Charter be amended to require voter approval of any labor agreement resulting from binding arbitration or fact finding before the agreement may become effective, if the provisions negatively affect management rights or require additional revenues or appropriations, or if either side wishes to seek voter approval?

Measure T Failed negotiations subject to binding arbitration -- City of Sunnyvale (Charter Amendment)
15,009 / 49.6% Yes votes
15,276 / 50.4% No votes
Shall the Sunnyvale City Charter be amended to provide that disputes about wages, hours and other terms and conditions of employment that cannot be resolved by negotiations between the City and the Public Safety Officers Association and the Communications Officers Association be subject to binding arbitration which is final without City Council or voter approval?

Measure U Increase tax on hotel/motel room stays -- City of Campbell
4,605 / 52.7% Yes votes
4,132 / 47.3% No votes
Should Ordinance 1920 increasing the City of Campbell Transient Occupancy Tax Rate on hotel/motel room stays from 8% to 10% be approved?

Measure V Term Limits -- City of Campbell (Advisory vote only)
6,400 / 72.2% Yes votes
2,461 / 27.8% No votes
Should the City of Campbell impose term limits on City Councilmembers?

Measure W Annexation -- Rancho Rinconada (Advisory vote only)
817 / 66.3% Yes votes
415 / 33.7% No votes
Should the unincorporated area of Santa Clara County known as "Rancho Rinconada" be annexed to the City of Cupertino?

Measure X Extension of Utility Tax if Annexed -- Rancho Rinconada
678 / 55.7% Yes votes
539 / 44.3% No votes
In the event that the unincorporated area of Santa Clara County, known as "Rancho Rinconada" (as more specifically described in the full ballot measure), is annexed to the City of Cupertino, shall the city's existing utility users excise tax, imposed on electric, gas, and telephone users throughout the city at a rate of 2.4% of the monthly bills for said utility services (subject to an exemption for senior citizens) be extended to this area?

Measure Y Term Limits -- Town of Los Altos Hills
2,371 / 68.2% Yes votes
1,106 / 31.8% No votes
Do the qualified voters of the Town of Los Altos Hills approve the ordinance stating: No person shall be allowed to serve more than two (2) consecutive terms on the Los Altos Hills City Council. Notwithstanding the above, at any municipal election after the expiration of two years following the two (2) consecutive terms, such person may again seek election or appointment to the City Council.

Measure Z Urban Growth Boundary -- City of Milpitas
6,065 / 55.3% Yes votes
4,897 / 44.7% No votes
Shall an ordinance be adopted that amends the Milpitas General Land Use Plan to create an Urban Growth Boundary near the base of the Milpitas foothills, effective for twenty years, that would limit development within the City to the valley floor and the base of the foothills by prohibiting the City from providing city services such as police, fire, sewer and water to new land use developments in the hillside area?

Measure AA Continuation of New Realities Taxes -- City Of San Jose
61,045 / 42.6% Yes votes
82,164 / 57.4% No votes
Shall the existing ordinances implementing the New Realities Task Force recommendations which provide for a limited inflationary adjustment for business taxes, the collection of the existing utility tax on out-of-state telephone service, and an alternative business tax on fuel tank farms, be continued?

Measure BB Contractor participation in the Apprenticeship Program for at-risk youth -- City Of San Jose (Charter Amendment)
83,762 / 58.3% Yes votes
59,867 / 41.7% No votes
Shall City Charter Section 1217 be amended to allow the City the option of including provisions in publicly bid contracts for contractor participation in an apprenticeship program for at-risk youth?

Measure CC Civil Service Reform -- City Of San Jose (Charter Amendment)
99,932 / 72.0% Yes votes
38,947 / 28.0% No votes
Shall the San Jose City Charter be amended to implement the recommendations of the New Realities Task Force that the terms of the Civil Service Commissioners be reduced from six years to four years, and to delete provisions relating to the filling of Commissioner vacancies, removal of Commissioners from office and disciplinary action of City employees so that these provisions are addressed in the San Jose Municipal Code instead?

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