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Directory of Orange County, CA Measures
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Measure A Charter Amendment Terms/Conditions of Employment -- City of Anaheim
33,951 / 66.0% Yes votes
17,477 / 34.0% No votes
Shall sections 10.200 - 10.203 be added to the Anaheim City Charter to require unresolved disputes concerning wages, hours, or terms and conditions of employment between the City and the labor organization representing city firefighters to be submitted to a panel of three independent arbitrators to select that offer of either the City or the firefighters' organization which decision would be imposed and become binding upon the City and the firefighters.

Measure B Delegation of Planning Powers -- City of Cypress
4,094 / 33.7% Yes votes
8,052 / 66.3% No votes
Shall the Charter of the City of Cypress be amended to add a new Article IX, incorporating in the City Charter certain provisions of the California Government Code, which provisions authorize the City Council to delegate planning powers and functions to a planning commission, administrative body, or hearing officer?

Measure C Voter Approval of Planning Power Delegation -- City of Cypress
8,025 / 66.4% Yes votes
4,052 / 33.6% No votes
Shall sections 419, 800, and 801 of the City Charter be amended to require that, after January 1, 1998, any delegation of planning powers or functions shall not take effect until approved by the voters at an election, and accompanied by a full fiscal analysis of costs, and providing, further, that annual appropriations for delegated planning powers or functions be limited to the amount specified in the cost analysis, increased annually by the rate of inflation?

Measure D Irvine-Millennium Plan -- City of Irvine
26,737 / 81.1% Yes votes
6,213 / 18.9% No votes
Shall City of Irvine Advisory Resolution No. 98-1 supporting the reuse of MCAS El Toro for non-aviation purposes in accordance with the Millennium Plan be adopted? Advisory Resolution No. 98-01 An Advisory Resolution of the people of the City of Irvine endorsing the reuse of MCAS El Toro for non-aviation purposes in accordance with the Millenium Plan

Measure E Term Limits -- City of Los Alamitos
2,169 / 75.4% Yes votes
707 / 24.6% No votes
Shall the Charter of the City of Los Alamitos be amended to add the Section of 501A imposing a limit of three consecutive four year terms on Members of the City Council?

Measure F Villa Park-Term Limits -- City of Villa Park
1,268 / 51.5% Yes votes
1,193 / 48.5% No votes
Shall the Ordinance be adopted which ordains that a person is ineligible to hold office as a member of the City Council if such person has, subsequent to January 1, 1998, served on the City Council for two (2) full terms?

Measure G Westminster Business License Tax -- City of Westminster
13,941 / 77.2% Yes votes
4,112 / 22.8% No votes
Shall the City of Westminster continue to collect a Business License Tax from businesses doing business in the City of Westminster?

Measure H Westminster-Repeal Ban on Sale of Fireworks -- City of Westminster
8,667 / 47.6% Yes votes
9,528 / 52.4% No votes
Shall the Ordinance repealing the prohibition of the sale or use of fireworks in the City of Westminster be adopted?

Measure J Yorba Linda General Plan-Imperial Highway -- City of Yorba Linda
7,337 / 36.8% Yes votes
12,596 / 63.2% No votes
Shall the Ordinance amending the General Plan prohibiting City action to expand or widen Imperial Highway within Yorba Linda be adopted?

Measure K Bonds -- Buena Park School District
5,023 / 74.7% Yes votes
1,699 / 25.3% No votes
In order to renovate facilities to provide students with access to classroom computers and modern technology, repair and upgrade 30 year old classrooms for student safety, and repair and replace deteriorating plumbing and electrical systems, playground equipment, and classroom lighting, shall the Buena Park School District issue $13.8 million of bonds with the interest rate below the legal limit for repair, improvement, construction, and acquisition of classrooms and facilities?

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