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Political Philosophy for Mary Rickman-Taylor

Candidate for
City Treasurer, Short Term; City of Coalinga

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I have a basically conservative political philosophy, believing the state or agency that governs least, governs best. I am dedicated to the principles of the founding fathers who acknowledge the self-evident truths regarding our unalienable rights, upon which our nation was founded.

I believe strongly that the body politic and those elected by it are quite capable of making sound decisions when presented with facts, sound analysis, and accurate evaluation of consequences. I also realize that these three factors are sorely lacking in most instances, and in particular in the community of Coalinga for quite awhile.

While hopeful that there might be some changes in the quality of information provide to the decision-makers by staff and administration, I am vigilant to the fact that the same folks that brought us ill-conceived and poorly researched data in the past continue to work in the same mode, and like a super-tanker will take awhile to come around.

I believe very strongly that public service whether as an elected official or an employee are honorable ways to give service to the community and as such are entitled to respect, just as the citizens that make up this community are entitled to respect from those public servants.

I believe that there is a need for close scrutiny of the budget process, but more importantly I belive that it is critical to give the personnel tasked with management to be given the tools along with the responsiblity of management, and the authority to get the job done, and to be held accountable for results.

I am fiscally conservative and believe that it is critical that the community get an accurate handle on the financial state of the entire community. The city should lead the way in demonstrating that the various public agencies realize that it is the public's money. In turn, the city should take an active role in involving the public in the process by actively soliciting and respecting citizen involvement.

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