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Santa Clara, Santa Cruz County, CA June 2, 1998 Primary
Frank Strutner

Candidate for United States Representative; District 15

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Biographical Highlights
  • Party: Natural Law
  • Occupation: Salesman
  • Married with a nine year old child
  • Served in the U.S. Army, Military Police,Thailand
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree- Business/Literature
  • Sales of factory automation equipment
  • Bid for Ca.State Assebly, District 22, 1996
  • Member, Natural Law Party Central Committee
Top Priorities if Elected
  • Campaign finance reform
  • Crime
  • Education
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Political Philosophy

Campaign Contact Information
Position Papers
Campaign Finance Reform
The best way to make our Democracy responsive to the will of the people is to eliminate Soft Money and Political Action Committee or PAC contributions to political campaigns.
Natural Law organizes every level of life, from the atomic, to the molecular, to the biological and social levels. We have programs that take advantage of this integrating power of nature to structure an ideal society.
To create ideal citizens at home with all fields of knowledge and able to achieve whatever they desire while enriching society is the real goal of education. The Natural Law Party has the vision and resources to realize this possibility.

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