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Orange, Riverside, San Diego Counties, CA June 2, 1998 Primary

Political Philosophy for Daniel L. Muhe

Candidate for United States Representative; District 48


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My goal as a Congressman would be to return America to the Freedom Philosophy our Nation was founded upon. This would include free market economics and free trade, non-interventionist foreign policy without foreign aid, and the sovereign rights of individuals to conduct their lives, non-violently, as they choose. Along with Freedom comes Responsibility and I would strive to return Individual Freedom and Responsibility to our citizens by minimizing taxes and government regulations and by privatizing our welfare system, education, medicare, social security, and many other functions currently performed with such inefficiency by our Government. The private marketplace can perform most functions currently handled by Government with greater efficiency and at about half the cost.

Our Founding Fathers established the two main functions of Government to be National Defense and the Police and Court System. Our military should be for National Defense only and not involved in the affairs of foreign countries. Oil companies can defend their own business interests in the Middle East as can all multinational Corporations that choose to do business in other parts of the World. Without Foreign Aid Programs or Military Intervention Overseas we would be unlikely to create enemies. If we simultaneously set out to trade freely with all Countries without quotas, trade barriers, or tarrifs of any sort we would become interdependent with other Countries and could live in Peace.
Our Police and Courts should vigorously punish all violent criminals with severe penalties and restitution to their victims. We have the manpower, court room, and prison space to keep violent criminals incarcerated if we quit clogging the system with non violent "offenders" of victimless crimes like drug use, prostitution,
and gambling. Our current war on drugs has created the same violence and corruption on the streets and in our courts as did "Prohibition" in the 20's. We cannot legislate morality even though the evidence is clear that drugs are unhealthy. So are alcohol, tobacco, excess fats, and sugar. Health choices cannot be enforced by Police. Drug laws support organized crime, violent turf wars on our streets, corruption of police and judges, and the destruction of the addicts life. Drug addiction is an illness like alcoholism and can be treated or lived with in a free society.
Those Countries around the world with the most free economies and the most protection of Individual Rights also have the highest standards of living. Taxes and inefficient Government regulation now consume almost half of the productive time and energy of Americans. We can be the guide into the 21st Century for the world if we will honor the Constitution and Bill of Rights our founding fathers created and return to a land of Freedom and Self-responsibilty. We will also create unbelievable wealth and happiness along the way!

Yours for Freedom!

Daniel Muhe Ph.D., CFP

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