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Imperial, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Diego Counties, CA June 2, 1998 Primary

Political Philosophy for J. R. Graham

Candidate for State Board of Equalization; District 3

This information is provided by the candidate

The Govern Me Not Prayer

Dear Government,
You were created centuries ago to be our agent, to protect us from violence, fraud, theft and invasion,
Over the years you have grown & grown...
You have forgotten the principle which created you, until now you interfere in almost every aspect of our lives,
You tell us how to live our lives, making health & wealth & personal decisions for us,
You tax & regulate our businesses to death,
You seize our autos, homes, farms, businesses & even our children, violently from us,
You take our liberty & sell us licenses, You trample our rights,
You even dare violate the very constitutions which created you,
You act as if you were king and we were peasants,
This is no way for our agent to act,
Please, get out of my business & govern me not,
I ask as your humble sovereign,

C 1998 by JR Graham

published in "Uncle $ynystyr! Quit Grabbing Our Assets"
by Brothers Graham permission to republish granted
(or to pray it on the capitol steps)

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